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The International Writers Magazine: Putting out Feelers

Let's Be Ants
• Roy Valenzuela
In today’s global environment, technological advances go unchecked, are ferocious, indifferent, and redefine societal parameters almost instantly. In addition, at such a seemingly unhindered pace the emerging landscape of global politics, social order, cultural undercurrents, and economic positioning succumbs, individually and collectively to ever-increasing blast of atomic techno splitting.

The resulting Governments are incited from within by unrestricted human ingenuity and remarkably poise themselves as bastions of efficiency leading to a supposed egalitarian utopia.

The societies, or more succinctly, the peoples of the world, are by choice and habit gradually coalescing. That is the Intent. However, altruism fails miserably when the needs of the individual out way the needs of the society. A process of eliminating both lives and one theory after another repeats itself for a countless number of times until a desired end is reached.

Moreover, such a liable reality can only evolve and materialize within a controlled and permissive bubble…That bubble is defined by divine sovereignty that dictates oversight according to living principles and is that permissive and none permissive binding power that allows for or against human industrial ingenuity of any sort.

Now conversely consider the “ant”... Ironically, the industrious “ant” has aggregately operated more efficiently then the whole of humanity both yesterday and today. The insects “methods” have neither evolved nor changed over time. Ant continuity reigns under all geographical environments and in all geologic conditions. This “constant” can never be improved upon.

Strength in numbers reflected by an absence of unselfishness, close nit family relationships, universal food distribution, inherent hygienic practices, precise chemical communication,fully embraced and assigned duties; all contribute to the preservation of the colony and are all essential to self worth. They are fundamentally core attributes necessary for preserving a perfect existence!

Now herein is a model of solidarity and efficiency. Such methods where masterfully ordained and are never trumped.


Scarlett A slender golden chain loosely adrift about Scarletts bony prominences rest gently, tempered against a splash of imparted brown and with each step an amorous gesture and then kisses to remind her of his intimacy... she missed her Jewels desperately. And when she recalls warm rays that gently ease and calm at a time where the call of the sparrow echos in valleys and reaches far into the woods, the lily and her fragrance ascend to her grateful nostrils, and the fine mist of morning and evening showers displace reason with a peculiar susceptible pleasure birthed from a new, deep, and healthy pulse... suddenly, just in the moment, a celebrated epiphany has happened.

In 1860 it was grand to be Scarlett O'Hara bejeweled and prancing through fields and feathery tufts of white silk, across a sea of green fescue, and into a thick of pines welcoming the start of spring with no thought or thoughts of tragedy or of a world soon to be lost!

The pre-civil war antebellum society which germinated in deep rich southern soil,sprouted and flourished unhindered in the most prominent of southern counties,...with her immoderate,luxurious excesses spilling over never to be caught up and recycled but always allowed to saturate the environment, make thick the prevailing mist, excite extravagant living,habits,and desires...

This inane way of life, bare a hundred and seventy years removed, has never lost its grip. The peoples who now populate old glories southern lands, tho generations removed, continue to impulsively live lazily, at a moderate pace, talk over fence lines, enjoy lavish barbecues, congregate in old and new church houses with an air of religious indifference....

They no longer talk of fast and well bread horses or of pedigree but of the horsepower in their modified engines and distinguished ancestry originating from a newer and more industrious past....The Northern ladies are still "pea green" with envy....

And tho less "Rich"- the antebellum serum runs thick in their blood!...Therefor be content with tolerance...There is no use insinuating yourself upon their society...It would be easier for you to enter the eye of a needle!..

I just finished reading Margaret Mitchells' epoch "Gone With The Wind" and if she had lived a decade longer or more, Margaret would have both seen and experienced a powerful and genteel transformation in her beloved lands of the South.

Even lost to the excesses of the old ways and the preferred life- Scarletts feisty "Old World" spirit regally presides in the hearts of southerners and enriches their ruddish soils demanding the rights of recognition!

I should know..... I am privileged to live in their midst and as they "put on airs" I listen in on their conversations from time to time, drink a spot of Irish whiskey imported from the mother land, play with their collies,and if still long enough - catch a waft of that old and desirable life Lost to the wind!......
Medicine ball and TRX...(Game Changers)!

Medicine ball and TRX training is revamping an industry in desperate need of revolution!...Single dimensional static movements which have been the norm in exercise and fitness for decades are presently giving way to dynamic power and speed driven motions that build and require flexibility,balance,agility,coordination,and most importantly a hard core!... Empowered enthusiasts are experiencing a greater sense of functionality and practical existence!... As a result The overall fitness levels are mind staggering!

Men and woman look better, feel healthier, efficacy and energy levels increasingly slope upward, depression and associated chronic illnesses diminish, natural sleep patterns return, and coping mechanisms are restored but are stronger and more efficient.

Throw out the rest factor between movements, insert the ability to change up routines at the blink of an eye, and always stress core, core, core!...The emergent evolution is characterized by the appearance of "The super" mom, dad, grandma, grandpa ,tween, teen and an indiscriminate population spanning the globe forcing those who are not a part of the revolution to take a second and third look and ask the question..."What is TRX and medicine ball anyway?!....

© Roy Valenzuela

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