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Welcome to this April edition of Hackwriters. Read us and our amazing archives too. 18 years on-line, 7404 articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the links.
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Editorial: April 2017
Congrats, we got past Easter without nuclear war breaking out in North Korea. Sadly Turkey choose tyranny over democracy and France has a choice between En Marche and Le Pen. Perhaps not a good period for libertie, fraternitie and justice. President Trump has inexplicably lasted 100 days and I'll let James Campion keep you up to date on the lastest in Trump Doctrine.

With The Guardian reporting (30.03.2017) that 40% of British companies are going to relocate to Europe, I think that’s quite enough to ponder as we discuss divorce from Europe.  It’s done and now let the pain begin.  I’ll let others comment. James Skinner our Spanish correspondent will keep us clued in on their view of Brexit.

This April sees the end of teaching for me at Lincoln University.  (Barring summer supervision of dissertations).  It’s been quite illuminating.  My undergrads (those that turned up to my 9am class that is) are writing with maturity that I never had at their age and it’s pleasing to see that quite a few have ambitions as writers – although most have elected to write formal dissertations next year rather than risk the ‘creative’ option.  A pity as quite a few have the talent to do something special.

The Master’s programme is coming to a close too with some students electing to write very ambitious YA or adult novels this summer.  I look forward to supervising them and watching their ideas grow.  Having just heard their pitches (5.4.17) I can say I've got a lot of serious reading to do this summer.

Although teaching can be difficult at times – there is real pleasure in seeing a student realise that they can stretch themselves and go for something that will eventually turn out to be their ticket to a whole new life.  I say all the usual caveats – no guarantees of success – no one is actually waiting to them to finish it except their tutors right now, but that can change.  I warn them that Curtis Brown agency for example gets 1000 submissions a week!  52,000 submissions a year!!!  How the hell do you break through that barrier?  Think of the poor saps who want to be literary agents, constantly fending off submissions, hardened to say no to everything and quite often, more often than you think, completely missing something special because it hasn’t come through ‘people they know’.  My former editor used to despair of all that reading – and this is material sent in by agents – never mind the slushpile.  She would read the first page and if she spotted an error, or something she didn't like, would junk it immediately.  The reality of an editor's job is that even if they do find a first novel they want to buy they have to battle with the marketing department who’d much rather have yet another Alex Rider than anything new or original.  (Heaven help any writer that submits anything original).

I’ve encouraged my writers to go to writer’s conferences, submit their work to competitions and will continue to do so.  They need feedback from people other than their tutors.  An agent can tell you that your idea sucks and you need to abandon all hope for your unproofed novel.  They have no restraints and little time and so it’s important to expose yourself as a writer to that kind of rough justice. Earning your first 'positive' rejection letter is an achievment too.

Right now students are only thinking of their grades, or whether they have passed.  I try to aim them beyond the ‘must try harder’ comments.  There are no safe spaces in the ‘market’; they’re competing against professionals and the best talent the moment they leave the safe confines of University.  If you can’t take critical and often harsh comment – don’t submit.  I am not sure university tutors tell their students this enough. Either way I wish all students working on creative dissertations good luck.

Check out the April edition of the magazine - and share what you like. Back in harness April 25th.

© Sam North April 18th 2017
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