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Welcome to this August edition of Hackwriters. Read us and our amazing archives too. 18 years on-line, 7444 articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the links.
Hackwriters cited by HelloTravel.com as "TOP JOURNALISM/NARRATIVES TRAVEL BLOGS 2016"


Hope you enjoyed the total eclipse. I am sure it presages something momentous, but sometimes momentous can be difficult to handle. Sometimes you want to turn your back on the real news and the fake news of course. If not the chaos in Trump's White House, then there's Venezuela and Maduro establishing a Stalinist Dictatorship where all the people share absolute poverty (except him) - despite having more oil than Saudi Arabia. Only a true socialist could manage that. The fact that they give their oil away to other socialist countries like Cuba is not a good thing if your own people starve as a consequence. Then there's Turkey, well on the road to depositism and putting any critic of the Government through show trials. People make comparisons to the political instability of the 1930's and there are some similarities. Beligerent North Korea with a fast improving inter-continental misile system, Putin flexing his muscles and playing war games on Europes' border with 100,000 soldiers in August to distract the Russian people from a failing economy at home. The UK at sixes and sevens over the Brexit negotiations as all roads lead to ruin. Anything could flare up at any time this month ( see Charlottesville Neo-Nazis - see the article by James Campion ) and now terrorists kill 15 in Barcelona and maim 120. It's scary to think that the one person we have in charge of world peace is President Trump and a White House full of old, white, gung-ho Generals keen to prove something, not to mention 'Fire and Fury'. Oddly enough, I guess it's only the Generals that will save us from Trump in the end. But will America ever be rid of the poison Steve Bannon left behind?

Victoria and Albert
The New Side Entrance to the V&A

James Campion also writes on the ACA in this months issue but healthcare isn't just an American obsession. I await to see a specialist for skin cancer treatment. Its a common enough problem these days but neverthess no one likes having holes drilled into their head.

To take my mind off the wait I venture out to see the new side-entrance extension to the Victoria and Albert Museum. As you can see from the photo above, it's pretty and has a nice 1939 Tomorrowland feel to it. There is a new gallery opening underneath the square in September. If in London go see it, the V&A is a very special place. (Just don't try breast-feeding there). You can spend a whole day there really.

I'd like see if I can find someone to buy/take over Hackwriters - it's time someone younger with a good sense of design and an aversion to Trump took over. 18 years running a magazine is a long time. Contact me if interested.

The August edition has an interesting retrospective of Annie Hall by James Campion and some new fiction from Abigail George, Martin Green and newcomers Allen Cook and John Richmond. James Skinner keeps us up to date on Spain , Paul-Christian on how to survive Amsterdam and then there's a voyage around Ireland and with luck we will find out how strong Macron is when the Unions go on strike after the vacations in France. Watch that space and it may be that Brexit won't look so bad after all. (Although it looks chaotic actually).

Enjoy the remains of August. Hoping the rain will stop at some point. Remember too those who fell at Passchendaele 100 years ago in Belgium. And read Sam Hawksmoor's review of the book World of War 2020 as we drift towards the next.

© Sam North August 2017
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