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The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Smart, dark and graceful,
this story is sure to
send chills down your spine

Evie Seo - Bookish Blog

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Colorado to Mexico
Eva Marcelle Clifford

Flying into Houston, lightning pierces charcoal storm clouds; raindrops spill from tangerine skies and race down the cabin windows. The air’s electrifying, tingling with southern storms.
Julia in Paris - Gala Dinner Celebration
Saturday, September 8th, (Book Now)
Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver

Bad Christmas Travel
Merry Malapascua
John M Edwards

The joys of off-season travel, on a depopulated paradise in the Philippines
Fruit and Flowers in London
Marianne de Nazareth

Filling my landing card on the Emirates plane into Heathrow, London, I was blissfully unaware of the long wait ahead of me.
Dublin and The Avoca Weavers

Marianne de Nazareth

Three leaved Shamrocks, Leprechauns, faries and elves. I had grown up with
warm hearted Irish missionaries, who ran our catholic schools in India.
Tall Tales of Tallinn
John M. Edwards

Arriving from Helsinki a while back aboard the ferryboat Albatross, with a copy of The Sagas in my backpack, I felt like a cold-eyed Viking prow crossing the blue water bile of the Baltic.
A Moroccan 20-Dollar Foot
Sidi Benzahra Cherkawi

Because the road was narrow, I stopped my rented car to wait for another car to pass through, coming in from the opposite direction. We were in the City of Salé and the heat was blazing inside and the air-conditioning was running inside.  

The Paul Ryan Factor
James Campion
The VP pick is an important symbol for where the pre-convention narrative is going for a candidate, especially a challenger...Ryan has a personality; combative, unapologetic and recklessly youthful; all the things Romney is not
Of Bread and Circuses

Paul Hanley
Noam Chomsky once described sports as a contrived opiate for the people; a means of distracting us from important social matters. Well, I always took issue with Mr. Chomsky on that matter, considering his opinion a little too extreme
Spain - Rescued At Last?

James Skinner

It’s very hard to understand the deep rooted economic woes of Spain. The whole mess started thanks to the 1978 Constitution when the country was broken up into 17 autonomous regions with their own budgetary control and the 8000 odd town councils were given similar power.
A-Riteway Construction Must be Stopped
James Campion

A-Riteway Construction has been allowed to run a deceitful, negligent and dangerously haphazard business here in New Jersey for far too long.

Patience Thinner than Ice
Danae Phelps in Greece

I started off with Rum and Cola. 11:40am is not too early to start on alcohol; especially when one is theoretically on holiday. Before 13:00 I had moved on to Vodka and two kinds of juice...

Sacred Coca
Josef Clifford

The perilous route of the sacred coca leaf from Andean slopes to the cocaine market
Jaws of a Dilemma
Tony Fosgate

I am bobbing about in a tiny boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the only sound is that of the choppy waters slashing at its sides
Let the career choose you
Watching the rain fall like sheets of metal spikes yesterday we knew summer was back to normal in England. Even the word summer seems incongruous somehow
How to See Kiev in Three Hours
Miriam Matejova

Kiev has always been a golden city, but today - on my first visit to the Ukrainian capital - everyone is wearing orange
James Morford
Everyone knows that many Olympic Games events derive from the Olympia in ancient Athens. But how many know that the most popular sport at the ancient Olympic Games was what the Greeks called Pankration (in English “all powerful”)
The Upside of Old Men
Allen R. Gibson
I’ve been particularly struck by how impressed I’ve been by a couple of old men... We, as a society, don’t generally have much time for them. But I can tell you this – old men can be impressive!

REVIEWS Film & Books

No Chemical Toxins
Danae Phelps
is going to wash that man right out of her mouth
As I washed my teeth, I imagined all the tiny bits of others I was scrubbing away with the frothy tooth-paste. How much of them would my bristles collect and wash away?
Resident of The Month
Martin Green

“He murdered his wife, you know.”
The speaker was Ezra Finch, intercepting me as I was on my way to interview his neighbor Horace Cooper for a Resident of the Month story
Bittersweet Squalor
Abigale George

There are men in this world and then there are women (it doesn’t really matter what kind they are) and then there is me, the girl who has never completely grown up.
Ex: as in expel, expunge, delete
Sam North

When she opens the door I’ll rush in, kill them both

The Other Son
Jude C Perera

‘I am going Mother, Good Night’
She barely heard him; picking up whispers was a luxury at her age. She looked swiftly but he beat her to it. Those blue sparklers were tucked well away from her adoring gaze.

Plan B
Oswaldo Jimenez

Arthur Kimball was not Audrey’s type. She knew it. He was half her height, and twice her age
A Longboat Journey
Susan Dale

And as he sat in the lake pushing with his oars, he heard splashing in the background. Powerful swish-swishes of large wakes were breaking around his canoe to rock it back and forth. 'Like I am in a cradle.’

Summer In London - The Scary Clown

A Land Without Jasmine
by Wajdi Al-Ahdal
Published by Garnet
Sam Hawksmoor review
I have hesitated to write a review of 'A land without Jasmine', not because I didn’t enjoy this beautifully written novella but because it has a lasting haunting effect that is hard to shake off
Tearing Up the Silk Road by Tom Coote
Published by Garnet
Sam North review
Tom Coote set himself a target of going the whole distance of the ancient Silk Road by public transport in just nine weeks... one needs determination, fortitude and a very strong stomach - and that's just for the many scary toilets experienced on the way
The Almond Tree
by Michelle Cohen Corasanti
Garnet Publishing
Sam North Review
Reading Michelle Cohen Corasanti’s first novel one is immediately conscious that this is must surely be non-fiction.  The details are so personal, so harrowing, yet so full of hope and triumph over evil, you desperately want it to be real.
Angel Dust by Sarah Mussi
Repent and be Saved.
Sam Hawksmoor review
When an Angel falls in love - she falls long and hard and Satan awaits
In Praise of 'Vegan is Love'
James Campion
Author Ruby Roth's Alternative Literature for Kids
My wife is a vegan and we are raising our daughter vegan. I am not a vegan nor am I a vegetarian. I am, for those familiar with this space, nothing. I could scarcely call myself human, really. I traded in my integrity for a moped and a six pack of Genesee Cream Ale in 1981

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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