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••• The International Writers Magazine: Spain

How to fall in love with Barcelona in 4 days
• Jeremy Raynolds
Haven't decided where to go on holidays yet?
Travel to Barcelona!


“Why Barcelona?” one may think. The answer is as simple as ABC. Do you want to sunbathe on the seacoast? - The Mediterranean Sea is waiting for you. However, if you stuck with academic assignments and can't plan your vacation in advance, get more info here and you are free to spend the day or even night on the top of the mountain in Barcelona. You can climb as high as 512 meters (1680 feet) to the tallest peak of Serra de Collserola mountain range and enjoy being close to nature and away from people. Keen on architecture and art? The city of Gaudi is what you were looking for all this time. Not sure yet? Other Barcelona’s names are a cultural hub, a culinary heaven, and almost certainly the finest beach city in Europe.

We bet you can’t wait to start planning your holiday to this amazing city now! But where to start from?  If you go and check any website, you’ll be overloaded with numerous city guides offering exciting tours to museums, galleries, parks, beaches and what not. It might be useful if you have to stick to the plan while traveling. And let’s be honest – almost everyone wants to browse some information about their travel destination before the actual trip. But is it really worth spending your time on various guidelines, planning all those unbelievably exciting tours? You’ll end up being bored and tired of loads of unnecessary information from the guide, you’ll be limited in time and irritated because of other tourists. Isn’t it better to just pack some essentials, take your passport and money and hit the road? From our own experience, this is what works the best. It’s not that we deny the value of checking the necessary things like prices on accommodation, food, entertainment, etc. This is crucial to be prepared for any situations during your travel not to be stressed and frustrated afterward which will ruin your overall impression.

Gaudi Thus, when you are packed and armed with all the necessary data, the most important question appears. How to get the maximum satisfaction from the trip? The following list of advice will help you to do your best in familiarization with the vibrant city of Barcelona.

When you are already there, have some rest and make sure you are not starving before you start exploring the city. Think about your preferences – are you willing to see some architectural sites or go window-shopping or relax at the beach or find some awesome Instagram locations? When directions are determined, take your friend or beloved one or a family member (if you don’t prefer to travel alone, of course) and start a journey! Start exploring the city on your own, with no additional help from guides and using the internet all the time.

Wandering around the city, enjoying the views, noticing tiny details of big architectural sites or café interiors, observing people around, exchanging impressions with your fellow, trying local food and drinks, taking tons of coolest pictures ever, getting lost in the streets and discovering non-touristy places, making new friends with expressive Spanish people – this is what will make you fall in love with the city.

There are so many fun things to do in Barcelona and what adds to the attractiveness of the city – you can do lots of things for free! For instance, you could play beach volleyball or Ping-Pong, visit a famous aquarium or zoo, have a picnic or watch the sunset, or witness the beauty of a fountain show. Even some simple things like going to the supermarket can become a thrilling adventure with the right attitude. When you can’t speak a word in Spanish, but you are dying for a drop of water you have to challenge yourself and talk to the cashier and buy that precious bottle of water!

You start watching the locals, noticing how confident and relaxed they are while doing their shopping, you are all ears to pick up some useful phrases that will be your saviors in any situation. And now it’s your time. The first time when you got that bottle of water! Or whatever it was, doesn’t really matter. It is crucial to plunge into the culture, the language and lifestyle of the country, of the city you are in.

If you take a step forward, Barcelona will love you. And you will fall in love with Barcelona too. (Be safe and Be Aware - the recent tragedy there has not deterred tourists and it shouldn't you.)

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