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Border Crossings
• Kara Dyer
International travel can be a stressful activity. This includes the planning process, deciding on the perfect location and the perfect accommodations. Then the packing; oh the packing!


Reading up on the airlines baggage allowances, measuring and weighing as you pack, so that check-in at the airport will go smoothly. The steps are similar for all travelers; first timers to globetrotters. We seem to know each airline will have their own set of rules; which is to be expected! So why don’t we expect the same about each country throughout the world?

Imagine for a second you have planned, booked and prepared for the perfect vacation abroad. After a long day of flying you arrive at your destination and in front of you are those intimidating uniformed officers. The faces that decide if all your preparations were good enough to be granted entry into their country. You’ve filled out the declaration card given to you on the flight and answered all the questions truthfully. With the honest answer to one little question or through a simple computer check- Yes, you have had previous problems with the police; possibly bringing your entire trip to an abrupt stop.

Everyday this is the exact situation that occurs for individuals or families travelling to Canada. Canada is a popular tourist and economic destination. However, like all countries Canada has rules about who they let in and one of the many areas assessed is criminality. In the same way each airline allows your suitcase to travel with you, they also have different rules on the sizes and weights allowed. This is the same for criminal admissibility. Each country has different criminality assessments. An incident that may have not been serious in your home country could be taken extremely serious in Canada. Each and every day there are people not allowed into Canada and countries around the world due to past actions.

When planning that all important trip you need to cover all the basis and dealing with admissibility can be overwhelming! Sometimes turning to an expert is needed. There are individuals who make it their mission to work for you, to help you understand entry requirements; such as criminal admissibility and make sure those faces deciding your entry will be a positive one. Stories of border crossings are a popular to share with friends and family and it seems that the negative experiences trump the positive. It doesn’t need to be this way. Reach out to the experts in the field and utilize the resources available to make travel a success!
© Kara Dyer April 2018
Beyond Borders Immigration Consulting
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant #R515332


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