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Another Place To Die
by Sam North
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The International Writer's Magazine: Our Tenth Year - 2009 - Welcome
Travel stories & guides
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Destination Unknown
John M Edwards
The only problem with the New Years vacation was that the destination was right smack dab in the middle of a war zone!

Poland - A Country of Doubts David Russell
"Why are we here? Why, with a world of travel alternatives, had we picked Poland?"
Al-Khazneh & the Grail
Piotr Wesolowski
The search continues for Christiany's holy relics
Rainwater Ceremony Song
David Calleja
Today is a very important day in the history of Tropangs Dok village, for the concept of rain and its decision to grace its presence over the village will be honoured with a song.
North to Alaska
Sam Black
Petoskey sits on Lake Michigan and if you haven’t been there I suggest you visit it someday
Winter in Warsaw
Marianne de Nazareth
If you come from a warm country, Poland is hardly inviting in the depths of winter
A Peak Experience
Jane Cassie
We’re standing with other skiers at the top of Sunburst Express. In spite of the chilly mountain breeze, both of my hands feel hot & clammy.This is clearly fear factor.

The Death Road
Biking the World’s Most Dangerous Route - J. Malcolm Garcia
It’s not compulsory that you die today.
Modern Caravanserai
Rachael Pettus in Turkey
For security, convenience, and economy, not to mention more than a touch of the colour and camaraderie, time and again we found that highway fuel stations were the best places to sleep.

The Change Express

James Campion
The Obama Presidency Under The Microscope
What Barack Obama walks into now is beyond anything Jack Kennedy had to experience

So long Captain Shoo-In: Our Bedeviled Boy Howdy
James Campion
our 43rd president was far more adept at procuring the job than actually performing it

Curioser and curioser!
Annie Lalla
The forces of curiosity and imagination pull us towards pleasure, expansion and integration with the rest of the world. Together they form a character profile in each of us.

0h-Nine: The Year of the Guilty
James Campion + Readers Letters
Two-thousand nine will be the year of The Guilty
Jeannine Pitas
I can’t stand it when someone yells at me

Troubled Times
Dan Crossen is looking for a Hero
Heroes is a television show that that uses this fear of the unknown to entertain and to explore the human mind

Career Choices in '09
Sam North
A student asked me what jobs will go in this recession...

The Meaning of Social Justice
The whole is more valuable than the sum of all the parts. Social organization always drives back to this original concept

Blind Faith
Michael Levy
How many people ruin their lives by blind faith in one way or another?

Now and Then
Neha Mehta
How life changes. You think you've got it all figured out but you haven't.
Bad Trips: The Art of Travel Writing
John Edwards
The only good trips are bad trips, especially when even our guidebooks are “survival kits.” Welcome to the world of disaster and distress!
My First Kiss
Katie Tatela
Curiosity. Why are boys so drooly? I never wanted a boy to kiss me my entire life.

Castleton: A Brush with local history
P Farrell-Vinay
"You like painting don’t you? Come and look at this."

Muay Lao, the forgotten art of kickboxing
Antonio Graceffo
“You can gain extra power on your kicks by throwing your kicking arm down, but you need to protect your face with a cross arm defense.” Adjarn Ngern, at the national kick boxing stadium in Vientiane, Lao.
Glancing Back from Guayaquil
Tyrel Nelson
I vividly remembered walking to the baggage claim in Quito a year earlier, scared to death and wondering how I was ever going to get my feet under me, let alone teach English

Transmetropolitan - A Spirit of our Times - Steven Stemp
The New Year is a unique time, it allows us to gaze longingly back into the past, and to look hopefully to the future. To leave behind the mistakes of the old, and get ready to make entirely new ones
The Thomas Hobbes School of Driving Like a Carioca
Brynn Barineau
My husband and I almost died the other day.  Again.  We were driving a car in Rio de Janeiro, so near death experiences are just one of the costs like gas and wiper fluid.
Original Shorts
REVIEWS Film & Books
The Literal Day
G David Schwartz
September 7th, 1948 began typically and promised to be non-eventful. The fact that I was an eyewitness to the startling events I am about to relate is one of those accidents of history
Uncle Pringle and the Bookmaker 
Martin Green
Bob’s story was familiar but had a singular twist.   He’d become a gambler
In The Dark
Piotr Wesolowski
Groping and dragging his feet past cracked, edgeless steps, he followed a dark narrow staircase that led to the exit downstairs
A Sensitive, Thin Man
Lars Flatmo

Reclining on my father's dirty living room couch made from raw white silk, I see through the drawn bamboo blinds my friend's short frame rapidly advancing across the front lawn towards the front door.
Paulito's Last Christmas
Daniela I. Norris
He rang my doorbell on a warm summer evening, as the heat of the day evaporated from the cracks in the dusty pavement like an omen rising from the cracked lips of an oracle
Loving Titi
Fisayo Talabi
With one last look in Sade's face, he shook his head and someway, somehow, the words came out loud and clear. "I'm sorry, but I can't do this anymore. I still love Titi."

Barbarism Begins at Home
William Better
So there's this guy and he's walking to class. His walk to class from his apartment is typically a half-mile, maybe more but probably less
Juan the Silent - Episode One
Hannah Langley
Tonight, he would make it home. She would be waiting for him in the safe little cabin of logs and bricks

More Reviews
Slumdog Millionaire’ - "The Feel Good Film of the Decade"
Director: Danny Boyle
Jo Green review
The vibrant sound of fun-loving India blasted through the speakers and there was no escaping its force. The twists and turns of Asia’s largest slum open up before me as a handful of young rascals run from an inevitably fatter, slower official. This is Mumbai.
In Bruges
Directed by Martin McDonaugh
Is there any more perfect Christmas movie than 'In Bruges'
Dead Air by Iain Banks
Callum Graham review
Iain Banks is not necessarily the obvious choice to pick as a writer who embodies the spirit of our times. However, after reading his novel Dead Air I found him to be a prime candidate.
Bozo and the Storyteller
by Tom Glaister
Sally Hayes
Bozo and the Storyteller is the kind of book that is ageless.

Knife by R J Anderson

Orchard Books; (Jan 2009);
Sam North
What an extraordinary tale ‘Knife’ is - this is a different take on Faeries at the bottom of the garden

The Red Dress by Gaby Halberstam
Sam North
It’s 1944 – Jo’Burg, South Africa and Rifke Lubetkin (14), daughter of a Lithuanian Jewish refugee is growing up under the rigid control of her stern traditional mother.

Dir by Catherine Hardwicke
Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson- Aby Davis review
Boy meets Girl, Boy wants to drink girl’s blood, Boy dates girl despite wanting to drink her blood, evil vampire tries to kill Girl, Boy gets to drink some of the girl's blood in the end

Mean Tide by Sam North,
Reviewed by Charlie Dickinson
The hero of Mean Tide is Oliver, a survivor of much at his tender age of twelve years, and a likable lad coming to terms with a mysterious adult world around him

Donnie Darko
Written and Directed
by Richard Kelly
Michael Webb review
"Twenty-eight days, six hours, forty two minutes, twelve seconds, that is when the world will end"

Angus, Thongs and full-frontal snogging by Louise Rennison
Ruby Ceriden Harrison
Georgia Nicholson could be the love child of Bridget Jones and Adrian mole, only funnier.

Borderlines Vol 2 A Literary Spark Fiction, travel & poetry
From the School of Creative Arts University of Portsmouth
available from Lulu Press & Blackwells, Amazon on-line
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