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The International Writer's Magazine 13th Year: JANUARY 2012 - - Editorial
Travel stories
Politics & Issues

Thailand's Year of the Dragon
Jules Kay
Thailand is looking forward to a positive year. In the Thai lunar calendar, 2012 is actually 2555, and as the number five in the Thai language is "HA", the famous Thai smile is at last returning with a vengeance, inspired by a new catchphrase: "Ha, Ha, Ha".

Meeting a Modern Day Che
Ruby Weldon

One tends to meet highly educated Cubans in the most unlikely places.  We were staying at a 'casa particular,' a Cuban bed and breakfast, in a small town known mostly for it's relaxed, convivial atmosphere. 
A day visiting Uncle Ho
David Calleja

Hanoi at 7am is buzzing. The narrow streets near Hoan Kiem Lake are alive with the sound of civilian life revving at full throttle.
Adolfo Scilingo - Mass Murderer
James Skinner on research
I had never heard of this man I until I read about his crimes and subsequent conviction. Now he is just another one of my characters.

South Carolina Mudsling
Republican Fringe Fights Back Against Citizen Romney
James Campion

15 Days later... antiquated third-world vote-tallying techniques perfected in the mid-nineteenth century by Boss Tweed led officials in Des Moines to report Rick Santorum had actually won.
Europe or Bust - Spain's Last Chance Last

James Skinner
Jan 9th Update

It’s now or never for a change in course to avoid smashing the continental ship into that big lump of ice waiting to sink us all.
A Caffeinated Relationship
M. Joseph Hunt

This is tough to talk about. I have been in an abusive relationship for over ten years. As the cliché goes, It wasn’t always this way. I have become a statistic.

Smile Even When Your Heart is Breaking
Lola Haze

"The teelim fall everyday here," he says, "but they don’t always hit something." He is referring to the missiles launched from Gaza into the neighboring areas of Israel.
The Fungus of Friendship
Eric D. Lehman

Money has ruined many friendships, but I never thought it would ruin ours. Jeremiah and I had been friends for seventeen years.
Clock This
Abi Davis

As I stretched my arms into the sleeves of my new bargain priced jacket my eyes fell upon my alarm clock. The time, according to it, was half twelve...
Observations While Taking a Walk
Martin Green

I recently took a walk. It was a brisk day and I found myself remembering how nice it was to have a hot chocolate after being out in winter weather back in New York. 

Dreamscapes Fiction
13 years of shorts stories here
REVIEWS Film & Books

Diary of an insomniac
Abigail George
I want you to feel the cold like I do, weep like I do, make sense of the senseless world around you like I do. I want you to imagine the unbearable lightness, futility, looseness of things past holding you back
The Bee
Jill Charles
“The Bee is the first device of its kind ever made,” Oliver told Sheila.  “We produced only a hundred as samples but when it's released in August, it will take over the mobile phone market.”

M. J Clews

Karen’s death drifts further and further from my mind, yet I feel worse with each day. My only comfort at the moment is Spinoza, my french bulldog.
C & You
Tarde Venientibus Ossa
To the latecomers are left the bones
Eric J

You are in love with C. Or at least you think you are, as all things concerning love are never fully understood.
Why Waste English Setters on Dog Shows?
Robert Scott Leyse

Steven to Angie & Ella
Miffed, my darlings? Indeed, you ought to be! What girls worth their frilly underthings – that every man with a pulse wants to peel off – put up with being stood up? All the same, I ask for understanding!

Sam North

It is all Raymond Chandler's fault anyway. I could have been happy with anything, but at an early age I discovered Chandlerville - Los Angeles of the late thirties and forties and it didn't let go.
Close call - if not last
Lionel Darmendrail

The afternoon was gloomy, cold and wet and I had been mostly reeling across the day. The previous evening, preceded by afternoon funeral in Mauléon, had been rather long and heavy as I had gone to bed pretty late (4 a.m.) after some orgiastic dinner at tough partners' in Cambo (the two guys who fish with me on my boat).

The Mental Defective League
Dan Schneider review
One of the keys to Cochran’s success is that his book is utterly without pretense, something that Salinger’s book chokes on, from its lead character through its situations’ preciousness to its hordes of addled devotees’ wan and off-base interpretations.
The Magicians by Lev Grossman
Sam Hawksmoor review
Anyone who ever saw ‘Igby Goes Down’ or read Donna Tart's 'Secret History' would relish more. Quentin Coldwater (think Ryan Phillipe) has discontent and preppy New York down to a tee and although being miserable is every teenagers right of passage, being excessively bright with it only heightens the disillusionment.  Mix in ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ and you have the right perspective to enter the world of ‘The Magicians’.
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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