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Girl with Cat (Blue)


The International Writer's Magazine: JANUARY 2013
Travel stories
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Exploring Cambodia
John H. Rydzewski

I never understood Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge or what was happening in that part of the world in the 1970s and early 1980s, but now looking back on it all, it had to have been bad if a Cambodian girl was escaping to my rural hometown of Massena, New York.
An Amateur’s trek to Sandakphu
Dr. Saubhik Ghosh

Rudra asked me if I had a raincoat, just then it occurred to me that I’ve made the biggest blunder. I forgot to carry a raincoat in the Himalayas ...
Cesky Krumlov: The Real Bohemia
John M. Edwards

On my first visit to communist Czechoslovakia in 1989, I drove to the legendary Bohemian locus of magnetic Cesky Krumlov...
The Campo
Dan Beckmann

It doesn’t take long to get acclimated to a new city. A good map, and plenty of patience can get you anywhere you want to go. Most first time visitors to Italy end up defaulting to the most popular of choices, the “Holy Trinity” of itineraries ...

Tobacco, Booze & Firearms
- An American Love Story
James Campion

In the midst of the furious debate on gun violence in America following the Newtown massacre, this space has dedicated over 2,000 words to the silly idea of trying to regulate human behavior and ignore the very core of the American psyche; the gun
Reality Check - Readers Letters
to James Campion

Feeding Frenzy
Dean Borok

The big dolphins of the Democratic administration are circling round-and-round the ever-shrinking mass of Republican sardines, compacting them into a hard core of bait and swimming through to devour it at their leisure.
Guns &
The American Experiment

James Campion

Every second the American Experiment remains in motion human nature is on trial.
The Spanish Monarchy 2013
James Skinner

The King of Spain is important to the stability of the country. A few years before Generalissimo Franco died his technocratic government devised a program to transfer power in the smoothest possible way without causing immediate political upheaval

Cruising Europe:
A Once in a Lifetime Trip
Tom Peters

It was a simple reminder with such powerful overtones. It was dark. It was tragic. It was something that safe North Americans should experience.
Beyond the lecturn:
20 Countries in 2012
Dr. Ed Lynch, Hollins University

A unique set of circumstances permitted me, a college professor, normally as stationary profession, to visit 20 different countries in a single year
Flashbacks, Fear, and Flamingos
Tyrel Nelson

It’s the summer of 1987. We are on a family vacation in Wisconsin Dells. My little brother Jay, who is only six, is beside my parents’ boat, or Mercury Grand Marquis, bawling—his tears full of fear.
Dinner in Rome: Finding Gino's
Dan Beckmann

Cramped in a one hundred year-old pasticceria along a narrow section of the Via del Portoghesi, my cappuccino has just arrived. As has my chocolate tartufo: a heavenly, over-priced flaky, truffle croissant worth every Euro.

REVIEWS Film & Books

My Narrator – Volumes 1 - 2 - 3
Daniel Cooke

Recently I have become increasingly annoyed with my narrator. Her tone is soft and arcane yet somehow sinister. Her method of description is scrupulous and incidental

Oswaldo Jimenez

Chris pinched the knight with his thumb and index finger and with a delicate twist of the wrist made two skipping moves in the air before placing the ivory horse-head on the black square, between his opponent’s Rook and his Bishop.

The Hitcher of '46
Martin Green

It was 1946. He was 17, a high school senior. He’d been let off on the main street of a small Midwestern town. It was mid-afternoon. He hadn’t eaten since the morning. 
The Fisherman’s Journey
Susan Dale

Daily, but before sunset, the fisherman comes to the riverbank. And while the world is cradled within the gray arms of dawn
olly, or Do you follow me
Valery Petrovskiy

I just took a snapshot of her. Sure, there were many people about, but she was the only one with such an anticipating air...
Oswaldo Jimenez

Idolatry. There’s really no other way to describe it. My behavior had reached the idolatrous phase. The shrine that I had created inside my walk-in closet was clear evidence.

Michelle D’costa

It was time for my family to look for marriage proposals for me. Amma decided that only a job would get me a girl. A job that paid. Something. Anything.
Michelle D’costa

Seema slathered bathing gel onto her calloused palms. Oh! How much she craved these hours of solace. She had to be quick though there was still an hour to go before he would arrive
Dacron, Polyester, Acrilan – Poof

Norman A. Rubin

It was a pleasant morning in the month of June; the day was clear, sunny with a whiff of a balmy breeze that sent peaceful rays of complaisant warmth over the town of P..., situated in the New Jersey swamplands

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
Directed by Robert Aldrich
Dan Schneider review
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? is one of those films that almost everybody has a wrong opinion of, from critic to fan to hater. First, it’s simply not a Grand Guignol film. Why? It simply does not play out on a large enough scale.
Gangster Squad
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Sam North review

Gangster Squad a movie for people who care nothing for good cinema or history but like guns...

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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