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Welcome - The International Writers Magazine - July Editorial 2011
The Repossession

The Repossession - a fast paced edgy romantic thriller
The Repossession out now. View the Trailer here
'The Repossession... will blow your mind and keep you guessing until the very end'. A Dream of Books (SJH)
'Smart, dark and graceful, this story is sure to send chills down your spine...one of the best, and most fascinating, debut novels I've ever read'. Evie-bookish.blogspot

Coming August 2nd- The Hunting - the thrilling sequel

It's July. The Football is finally over and already they are calling for Del Bosque to become the new Spanish President. (See James Skinner on that and the uncertain future of Spain) .

The Olympics are coming. Time to find an escape route out of London. If you are coming be prepared for 34 miles tailbacks on the M4 (from Heathrow) and snarling customs officers who are on go slow at airports and Eurostar and being hounded by the Olympic Committee police for eating unauthorised chips or heaven forbid anything other than Macdonalds or Coke.
Right now I can't even visit my sister in London as they have closed the road and removed all parking. This is a Military Coup not a sporting event. Hell it's probably even illegal to say that.

The amount of 'Sport' at the moment is overwhelming, never mind all the other events. Bankers are once again being exposed for their endless corruption - the Middle East is lighting the blue touch paper for Armageddon, Putin is taking Russia back to the days of Stalin at a rapid rate and Syria disintegrates as Assad clings on no matter how many thousands must die (With Puton's endless support). Ain't life wonderful. Meanwhile the Shard opened in London. The UK's tallest building. Not very interesting if you are from Vancouver I guess but it's nice to see a icy triangle instead of a square monolith for a change. *The opening laser show was a tad disappointing though. Hard to get excited about a green light beam to be honest.

Meanwhile Murray delivered an exciting Wimbledon final and for a while there thought he could win. There's was a less than thrilling Grand Prix to watch in Silverstone and the rain is STILL falling all over the UK. Our Fifth month of drought I seem to recall. The rain is affecting the economy and it is all to do with the Jet Stream having shifted. More evidence of climate change? Or is this a natural phenomena? Either way we had better get used to wet summers and cold winters here in the UK. Just spent Saturday 14th July at Barnes fair and the deluge continues. England is a sea of mud now.

For followers of my home buying saga. I may have bought another house. This one on the East Coast. We shall see. But why oh why does it take three months to exchange? It's a ridiculous amount of time.

The best news is that one of our own contributors Diana Bretherwick has won the Good Housekeeping Magazine First Novel Prize worth £25000 and comes with an agent and publication by Orion. It goes to show that there is a LOT of talent writing for Hackwriters. So congratulations Diana, well done.

Meanwhile we have a lively edition of Hackwriters to read for July. Travel, Politics and Fiction. From Tahiti to India we cover the globe. Be well and let's hope this July is a happy one for all. Don't worry about the Euro. Europe is born to muddle through. (It's either that or war).

Sam North - Editor of Hackwriters July 2012
Author of Diamonds – The Rush of 72 (Print)
The Great Californian Diamond Rush of 1872 - ruined the lives of almost everyone it touched
ipad (iTunes version)

Mean Tide - Oliver, aged twelve is sent to live with his only relative. On a foggy day, one bald boy, with his cat, Flop, arrives at his Grandma's house at the water's edge in Greenwich. Oliver discovers to his horror that his Grandma, a famous psychic, hates cats. Her housekeeper, Lena loathes kids, and silent Justine seems to hate everyone. Add crazy Harriet, who has seen every fortune teller in London; Aura, a mysterious, aspiring beautiful actress and Bullet, the homeless kid with a very mean streak, trouble can't be far behind.
Mean Tide
& Mean Tide

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