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Order The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Joint winner of The Wirral
'Paperback of the Year'

+ Bronze winner of the
Sussex Amazing Book
'Smart, dark and graceful,
will send chills down your

Evie Seo - Bookish Blog

Read the sequel:

The Hunting out now

The International Writer's Magazine:
JULY 2013
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Albania - Nation in Transition
Fred C Wilson 111

Albania borders Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece. It's coastline is as long as the country.
South Africa-Namibia (Pt 1)
Tabytha Towe

Yearning to return to Cape Town since I left as a naïve, wild and broken-hearted 20 year old in 2003, I finally I made it again...
A Bicyle Built for Le Tour
John M Edwards

Whilst house-sitting a 15th-century farmhouse in Gascony, I decided to make a trip to France’s oddest pilgrimage sites
Wanuskewin Heritage Park- Saskatoon - Habeeb Salloum
In Wanuskewin, different Indian cultures can offer their rich heritage to others in a spirit of sharing and hospitality
Off the beaten track in Jordan’s Tafila
Marwan Asmar

The Tafila Governorate in Jordan’s south, 180 kilometer’s from Amman, is a heavenly dream world...
Universal Translator

John M Edwards follows the heretical ghost of Polish astronomer Nicholaus Copernicus back to : Torun, Poland
Journeys with the Caterpillar: Travelling through the mystical islands of Flores and Sumba, Indonesia
Shivaji Das - Sacrifices at a funeral in Sumba…

Egypt: Democracy, Religion & The Great Divide
James Campion
Egypt is bipolar; the cultural origins of Africa mired in Middle Eastern turmoil; save for a tourism trade with a growing western sense that its potential dangers outweigh its seductive landscape.
Grapefruit Circus Blows Through Town + Readers Responses
James Campion
Florida’s Reality Show Kangaroo Trial Achieves Maximum Effect

Have We Got A Deal?
James Skinner

I’ve said all along that the solution for Spain’s political problems is a pact between the conservatives (PP) and the main opposition party, the socialists
Meat Uncle
Dean Borok

I’m still inspired by the classic arts of seduction, if I only could meet some women who could appreciate that sort of attention.
How big a stake does the tax man have in your holiday savings?
Emily Gach

Everyone knows that a truly great holiday rarely comes cheap and if you are leaving the UK for sunnier climates abroad the costs can quickly begin to mount up
Toxic Gratitude
B J Fischer

True change is rare.  When it does happen, it is the result not of gratitude but of discontent.

Sierra Leone Street Kids
Lucy Munday

On May 26th 2013, Street Child of Sierra Leone hosted its’ second marathon.

Roy Valenzuela

Terry is a black man that I had the privilege of working with for a little under two months.
Noise that Follows A Quiet Man
James Morford

I saw the John Ford directed film, “The Quiet Man.” The film’s best scene is the fist fight between John Wayne and Victor Mclaglen...
The Barber of Siam
John M. Edwards

The man in front of me was almost completely bald with two bushy fluffs upon either side of his noggin
Everything is Disease
James Campion

First things first; it is official that everything is now a disease
Refuting Power
Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani

Freedom to criticise is vital and important
The Floating Markets of Bangkok
John M. Edwards

Most of the so-called Floating Markets are located on or near the the Chao Phraya River, so they often include fabulously Oriental boat traffic, with almost anything up for sale.

REVIEWS Film & Books
White Moths Fluttering
Susan Dale

Above the indentation in the earth, the trees and the underbrush shifted position: all together and at the same time. There was a great sound like the earth heaving
Breaking Free
Jude C Perera

I know they are close. I can’t hear them through the din that my heart is making. It feels like it is going to jump out of its preordained location any minute now, the spot where it was meant to me.
Freud in the Fridge
Guy Edwards

A few weeks after the party the Sloops called up and made a big fuss of presenting me with a large arty print rolled tightly inside a long cardboard tube
The Eye Sees More
George Sparling

Rage burned like homicide inside me. Those drivers had death coming to them. They were part of the surveillance machine.
Smile Daddy Please!
Abigail George

I was born into the wild of this country. A wilderness of steel wasteland; sky and street shadow me like the white sun, yellow moon, star Hiroshima, moon Nagasaki people, thumbprints trapped on pages of long overdue library books
Creating Teen Role Models in the Dystopia
Sam Hawksmoor

You have to train to be tough
A Visit to Berkeley
Martin Green

Tim Holcomb drove around the edge of the UC Berkeley campus until he found parking, then walked back to Sather Gate, He was early...
In Nomine Patris
Oswaldo Jimenez

Whenever mother told the story of my father’s death, she reached into her bosom and pulled out a diminutive pewter crucifix which she wore hanging from a silver chain around her neck, and rubbed it between her thumb and index finger

Bowline (at last)
Quentin Bates

It has been a labour of love, a 25-year labour of love. Many years ago I sat on the schoolbench at navigation college in Iceland, along with a bunch of other aspiring ship’s officers.
Plan D by Simon Urban
Sam North review

If you are a compulsive reader of Martin Cruz Smith ‘Arcady Renko’ Moscow Detective series Wolves Eat Dogs,  Polar Star etc you are well primed to tackle Simon Urban’s  Detective Martin Wegener, disillusioned East German cop in a ‘Socialist Paradise’ circa 2011.
The Masque of the Red Death
by Bethany Griffin
Marcel D'Agneau review
Steampunk pastiche goes awry
Osaka Elegy -
Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi
Dan Schneider review

Osaka Elegy (Naniwa Erejii) is an early black and white film from the canon of Kenji Mizoguchi, one of the Big Three Film Masters from Japan, along with Yasujiro Ozu and Akira Kurosawa.
Shadow & Bone + Siege and Storm
Leigh Bardugo
Orion Books 2013
Sam Hawksmoor review

Two books, disappointing covers, but what a brilliant fantasy duo – that draws on Tolkien, Catherine Fisher, Tolstoy, Russian folktales, but makes it all her own and completely original.
This is compulsive reading.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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