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Order The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Shortlisted for the -
Leeds Books Awards

Amazing Book Award

'Smart, dark and graceful,
will send chills down
your spine'
Evie Seo
- Bookish Blog

Read the sequel:

The Hunting
'Without a doubt, one of the
best YA Sci Fi series out there

The International Writer's Magazine: JUNE 2013
Travel stories
Politics & Comment
How we live
Paul Michelson

“We’ll be in Montezuma by tomorrow afternoon,” I told my son. “Our reservation’s tomorrow night through Thursday.”
Boracay Island
Daniel Escurel Occeno
Before going I was told many times; Boracay Island was 'the' destination spot of the Philippines
A Westerner in Iran
James Hope Wilson

Departure lounges are rarely gratifying places to find yourself in; you haven’t even made it yet. Time in airports always seems to possess a subdued quality of having already been beaten
Pulp Friction: Travel Book Exchanges Abroad - John M. Edwards
JME spends as much time reading on the beach as sightseeing restaurant menus and ogling swimsuit models, so he seeks ubiquitous “Book Exchanges” throughout the world. . . .
Turbulent Afghanistan
Fred C. Wilson III

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is landlocked, mountainous. It connects Asia at all four corners of the compass.

Everything is Disease
James Campion

First things first; it is official that everything is now a disease and therefore must be treated as so.
Edward Snowden:Hacking into Hyprocrisy - James Campion
If there is one thing that this space has tried to illustrate for the past 16 years is that hypocrites are not the exclusive property of ideological or political affiliation
The Self-Perpetuating Gorge of Power
or How The IRS Becomes HAL 9000 - James Campion

Education is Paramount in Spain
James Skinner

Details from the 2012 UNESCO study on world education have revealed that 1 in 4 youngsters in Spain between the ages of 18 and 24 had no studies at all.
Empire of Fascination
Dean Borok

I can’t help being transfixed by the politics of North and South America
The World's Outsiders
James Morford

Has there ever been an ethnicity so little understood? In Europe they are called Roma (Romanies), Americans call them Gypsies.
Addressing all comfy politicians
Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani
The other day I chose to splash in splendor and took a taxi instead of the local bus or rickshaw to get to a meeting with somebody socially important. I wasn’t alone

Here’s My Takeaway
Tyrel Nelson

This hole in my soul has taken a mighty toll. Nothing, certainly not this tall one I’m nursing, remotely fills the overwhelming void of losing my hero... my dad.
Sweden Bound
Bradley J Thornton

Living in Southern California I had a difficult time finding cold weather clothes, the ski slopes are a few hours away and not many stores stock thermal underwear
Dynarama:RIP Ray Harryhausen
John M. Edwards

Jason and the Argonauts is the greatest movie ever made!
Discover Milan for the First Time
Angelica Paletta

Fiera di Sinigaglia, and located in Porta Genova along the wharf, began as early as 1800, and occurs every Saturday morning
Let's Be Ants
Roy Valenzuela

In today’s global environment, technological advances go unchecked, are ferocious, indifferent, and redefine societal parameters almost instantly
Street Actors in Lima
Joey Carney

I haven't every really seen another city in the world where people are as resourceful as in Lima, whether the con-artists, the beggars, the businessmen, or real artists.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Up On The Roof

I was taking mid-morning tea on the Terrace of the London Club in Barcelona when I met George and Clementia Courland.  I had taken a copy of The Times from the newspaper racks in the lounge outside to read in the spring sunshine.
Chris Mills Poetry Month + (Blog)
Plus buried in here an interview with Sam Hawksmoor
The Horrible Boss I: Saving Sara
Martin Green

“That woman is evil,” said Sara.
Baba Yaga
Norman A Rubin

Once upon a time there was a Maiden named Vasilissa the Beautiful. She is sent by her step-mother to retrieve a flame for the fire from Baba Yaga. But Baba Yaga catches her and forces her to cook meals, scrub the floors, and weave at the loom. 
Oswaldo Jimenez

The old man lived in a house by the water near the Sound on a property adjacent to my middle school. His neighbors called him a recluse.  Some said he was mad, others said he was disfigured. The kids at my school said he was a vampire
The Devil's Footprints
Norman A. Rubin

It was strange but true! That on one dark frosty night in the month of February during the reign of the Good Queen Victoria when Master James Brent, the right honourable mayor of the town of Dawlish, had a terrible vision that changed his life forever
George Sparling

I’m under surveillance. Nobody believes me. I’m in a gigantic store, its hundreds of aisles: one could get lost here.

Toyko Vice by Jake Adelstein
Leroy B Vaughn Review

Eighty hours a week - there is no such thing as a vacation for reporters and no private life, while working the crime desk.
Don't Lose the Plot
Sam Hawksmoor on writing for teens

If you want to interest an editor or agent you need a plot
Being There
Directed by Hal Ashby
Dan Schneider review

Hal Ashby made a series of quirky films in the 1970s that were highly regarded, then succumbed to a drug addiction and died before the 1980s were through. The most famous of these were Harold And Maude, Shampoo, Coming Home, and Being There
Longtitude by Dava Sobel
John M. Edwards review

Throughout the ages, explorers from Vasco de Gama to Balboa struggled with the “longitude problem.” Without an accurate method of calculating the longitude, navigators were literally lost at sea.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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