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UK regional news

The International Writer's Magazine - May 2005 - Welcome - Swallow this

Hackwriters '05

First Holiday
Holly Bates & a bear

Temps Perdu
William Spencer finds an unexpected gift in France

Hermetic Hebden Bridge
Alex Clark in Yorkshire

Dacha to the Adriatic
Melissa Anderson in Castro, Italy
Meet The Penguins
Journey to Boulders Rock, SA

Peddling Morality in the Den of Iniquity- James Campion at Erotic Expo NYC
Die Hipster Die
Michael Barakat

The Telephone
James Skinner analogs
New Labour Pains
James Ryder's Election rant
A is for Art?
James Evans on Damian Hirst

Modern Living
Travel Without Destinations
Claire Kulikowski crossing borders
Journey's End in Chennai
Colin Todhunter

Live Well - Live Longer
Michael Levy
Friends in Part
Eric D Lehman on friendship
Get your coat you've pulled
Mandy Mand on chat up lines
Thoughts About My Autism
Rev Antonio Hernandez
The Human Spirit - is capable of anything-
Joshua Lineberry
An Interrupted Run
Marja Hagborg in the snow

Dem Bones
Jeani Rector does a little digging
The Mother who chained her son
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra on lost sheep
That 'time' of year
Mike Blake on old postcards

Read new fiction from writers across the globe
Researching an historical novel about Argentina
James Skinner on fact & fiction
Chile Diary 13
Santiago - Politics and Religion
Dermot Sullivan

1984 - The Opera
George Burrows on Lorin Maazel composer & conductor with an identity crisis?

We Want Bolton -
America the Ugly speaks
James Campion

GOP Gridlock Parts 1 & 11
James Campion with the Republican Insider

Machuca Dir Andrés Wood
A Guy Buron Review
Revenge of the Sith: Star Wars Episode 111
Rev Antonio Hernandez
Crepuscule by Roman Payne
A Gemma R. Williams review
The Bottomless Well
by Huber & Mills

A Charlie Dickinson Review
Embers by
Sándor Márai
A Dan Schnieder review

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Dir Gath Jennings (2005)
A Lily Parker review
In America - Dir Jim Sheridan
A Dan Schneider review

American Splendor -
Dir Berman and Pulcini
A Dan Schneider review
Stranger in a Strange Land
by Robert Heinlein
A Dan Schneider review

The Monk from Brooklyn by Antonio Graceffo
Lang Reid review

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The Great Beyond
Chapter Fourteen

Back to Reality 05.05.05
Brodie Parker's serialised novel about life after death is here - only in Hackwriters

Summer in Cadillac
Mike Blake - Chapter Two
I gotta live with these guys after you take off,” she said to me one day. 11.05.05
Robert Cottingham on Broadway Danny Rose and The Purple Rose of Cairo
PARADISE as The 'Other ' Place
Amanda Williams debates happiness in cinema 05.18
Screenwriting forum UK

Cold Readings - Vancouver
Your Script Read and Performed by professional actors

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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