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MAY 2019

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Best of Taipei by Metro in 5 days

Gisele Ribeiro

Taiwan is a great option to get exposed to Chinese traditional culture without too many bureaucratic restrictions. It is also a valuable gate to Asia as well.
roadsign France
A Walk on the French Side
Jane Anderson

The Route is the French leg of the famous Camino, St Iago de Compostella becoming St Jacques. It starts at Le Puy en Velay with a rich history and architecture that overshadows the humble pulse.
Thailand: 5 days by boat & metro.
Gisele Ribeiro

Our first adventure riding the metro in Thailand was getting to the vibrant Ratchada Night Market, finding a vast variety of cheap and exuberant clothing and all sorts of exotic merchandise.

Joined at the Hip
Barry Burgess
The Theft of our Constitution

The majority party for over forty years has indicated they are interested not in saving democracy, rather, they are willing to take it apart;
How Bad Can Trump's Tax Returns Be?
+ Readers Responses 25.05.19
- James Campion

Maybe he paid no taxes at all. We can think anything is in there, because he is going to great lengths to keep the proof from us.
Pedro Sanchez
A New Broom in Spain
James Skinner

The results, to a certain degree, have stunned the nation as such a severe swing from right to left was not predicted in the various polls prior to the elections.
Shades of Psychedelia
Guy Edwards

It is often said that if you can remember the 1960’s you probably weren’t there. This I suppose means that for some, the whole or part of the decade was lost in a blur of drugs, promiscuity, pop music and peace demonstrations.

Esclave in Utero
James Campion
A Users Guide to Life After Roe v Wade Goes Down
- Women’s bodies will affectively be considered slaves to the state. Abortion will result in jail time.

Claire Grulick on Mauna Kea Hawaii
“I think that’s the tail right there”
“I thought that was the belt?”
“No, no. Because that’s the Little Dipper”
15 Skittles
Sydney Moreano - living with diabetes

A medical timeout in volleyball is just three minutes. And unless a player’s injury is painstakingly obvious like a broken ankle, most referees do a lengthy interrogation to find out if the timeout is medically necessary.
fortune teller
Observations on Life & Surviving it
Martin Green

Celeste says she’s in touch with my guardian angel and can give me a tarot reading ...

REVIEWS Film & Books

Norah & Noel Chap 1 - Parts 1&2
Victor Castleton

The place was crowded that night, but before the door hit his back Noel heard a familiar voice over the sound system, followed by short laughter. Norah!
Norah & Noel - Chap 2 (Parts 1&2)
Victor Castleton

Noel moved his car away from the mayhem of sirens, turned the engine off and slowly crossed his arms over the steering wheel, resting his sweaty face.
.Library St Gallen
The Jewel within the Ruins
Sam Hawksmoor

Saska was staring at an empty space leading into an ante-chamber. Cat was somewhere inside there in the darkness licking her wounds ...

Desperate Girl

Cassidy Sommer

She could hear the scrapes of shoes as they walked up to her bed. She could smell the dirty, electric air wash over her cool fragile body.
The Minivan Circle of Life
Jennie Garman

Vans -- my stepfather has always driven minivans. They - much like him - were old and colossal with unsolvable issues he didn’t care enough about to fix.

Finding Relly
Finding Relly
by Rosemary Schonfeld
A review by Rosemary North

'...essential reading for all university students, and for anyone who tries to deny the truth of the Holocaust...'

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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