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The International Writers Magazine: Dreamscapes Life Stories
This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to an actual event, or living person, is purely coincidental.

• Oswaldo Jimenez
Pay attention when I talk to you man! You must do exactly as I say! Exactly as I say! You hear me man? Do exactly as I say!
We were together when we found him, Okay?


We were together, you and me, we were together, remember that. We were with each other walking from school through the path, OK? Through the path, together ... pay attention. Where were we? say it, what were we doing? Right, we were walking together from school, you were with me, and I was with you walking from school taking the short cut, are you listening? We were taking the short cut together walking home from school, like we normally do. Who was with you? Who was with you? Come on, they will ask you this, so pay attention. Who was with you?

I was with you, we were together walking from school, and we took the short cut through the woods. It was right after school, we were headed home from school like we always do, and we took the path through the woods when we spotted it. You and I saw it together, you and I, remember? We’re walking together, we saw it together, you and I both. What time was it? Think! What time was it when we saw it? They will ask you that, they will ask what time it was when we saw it, and who you were with. That’s what they will ask you, and you must answer quickly without hesitation, because if you hesitate they will know and we’ll be screwed.

Think again, what time was it when you saw it? It was after school, we got out of school at two-thirty and it takes us about twenty minutes to get to the path, so it you must say that it was about three, wen we were walking along the path and we saw it. Pay close attention man, this is important; shut up, shut up already, listen, listen to me listen closely, it was about three, after school, we were walking together, after school, we took the path through the woods, and we saw it together. Not you first, not me first, we saw it together. Will you shut up and listen! Shut up! We both saw it together, we found him together, not you and not me, WE. This is stupid. You can’t just go off and start blabbering about nothing, you must do exactly as I say, and say only what I tell you to say! OK?!

Shit! Stop whimpering you idiot! Just stop whimpering. Listen to me, listen to me! OK, all we need to do is make sure that we say the same thing to them, exactly the same thing, you can’t mess with them, they’ll know. If you just listen and remember what we say here, we’ll be fine, we’ll be fine. OK? OK? Man! shit, okay, listen to me again: It was about three, we just got out of school and we decided to take the short cut to the woods, together, like we always do and when we reached the clearing we both saw it. Got it? Three, three in the afternoon, I don’t care if it was three o’clock or two-forty-five, just say it was about three, OK?! Don’t mess up, or we’re dead.

Just tell them what I tell you and we’ll be fine. It’s important that you tell them only the things I tell you to say; don’t go drifting off to some other story. When I say that we were together, we were together, when I say that we saw it together, we saw it together, when I say it was a short cut, it was a short cut, when I say we were together from the moment we left school, we were together. That’s all you have to say. Don’t say anything else. If they ask you what happened just say you don’t know, say that we were walking along the path together through the woods after school and when we reached the clearing we saw it, we found it and we ran to get help. Remember that. No WE both ran to get help. We ran together, this is very, very, very important that you remember to tell them. WE were together all the time! we saw it and we ran, we ran to get help. Remember that, you can’t forget. WE both saw it and we ran together to get help.

Forcryingoutloud! can’t you keep that straight in you damn head?! Everything that we say must match, we can’t be saying different shit and go off about what YOU think; you must say only the shit that I tell you to say, CAPISCE? You bastard, goddammit! You can’t be going off on some story, you have to say only what we decide here, what I tell you to say. IF you start messing up they will know, they will find out, they will get us both by the balls. We’re in serious shit here man, serious shit, and if you mess up we’ll both lose our balls, goddammit!

Okay, so, we were going home after school and took the short cut through the woods as we usually do, and when we reached the clearing we found it, and we ran for help. OK? It’s that simple. You don’t have to say anything different. We both saw it at the same time. No! we didn’t touch anything. We saw it and next to it was the body. No, no, no, no, WE saw the bike first, then we saw his body. We saw the bike, and then saw the body. We couldn’t have seen the body first because the bike is bigger than the body and the bike is red and the body was in the bushes. I don’t care if you think the body is bigger than the bike, we saw the bike first, just say that we came across the bike and then we saw the body and we ran. The body was in the bushes! in the bushes!

Goddammit, LISTEN, listen! will you?... just stop, stop goddamn crying you shit; just listen to me. We’ll be fine if you just listen to me and stop whimpering like a little girl! Listen! listen! and shut up. Shut up and listen. I swear to god, I swear to god! if you don’t stop this I’ll mess you up too! Just shut up and listen. We saw the bike and then we saw the body. Listen, WE SAW THE BIKE AND THEN WE SAW THE BODY! Just remember that, the body was in the bushes, we saw it after we saw the red bike on the path. Keep it straight. We were walking along the path and we saw the bike on the path and we we got close to it we saw the body in the bushes. No, no, IN the bushes! not by the bike. It was in the bushes.

What the hell do you mean? We did not touch the body. We ran as soon as we saw the body. Why? Because it’s what you would do when you see a dead body. You panic and you run. You don’t poke at it, you don’t try to move it, you don’t, you just fucking don’t do nothing to a dead bloody body! You see it, you run for help. That’s what WE did, we saw it and we ran for help. No shit Sherlock! What the fuck do you think it’s gonna happen if they found out the truth? You stupid or something? Just listen. IF you don’t do exactly as I tell you, and if you don’t say exactly what I tell you to say...

LISTEN!, IF YOU DON’T SAY EXACTLY WHAT I TELL YOU! I’ll say you did it! I’ll blame it all on you! You hear me, goddammit?! You can be such a turd, such a stupid turd! We’re not gonna get caught if we say exactly the same thing. If we both tell them what I’m telling you here, and nothing else, nothing else, nothing else, we’ll be fine. IF you start whimpering and messing up, I swear I’ll tell them it was YOU, and I don't care what happens to you. Your hear!

Okay, OK, I’m sorry. Just stop, OK, stop, take a breath. Let’s start from the top. OK? yes, I know, I know, me too, but we have to stick together in this. We have to be strong, we can’t mess up. OK? we can’t tell them one thing, and then change our stories. You know they’ll take you into one room and they’ll take me into another room, just like in the movies. NO they are not going to beat us up, they don’t fucking do that to kids, they’re not allowed to touch kids. They can try to intimidate you and shit, but they’re not gonna bit you up or anything, they can’t touch you, or me, we’re minors, we’re kids, they can’t fucking touch us. So, don’t piss your pants when they take you to a room and start asking shit. Just... OK, look at me, look at me, wait! Just look at me, look up. Look at my eyes. OK? listen. Nobody is going to beat the truth out of you, nobody is going to torture you and shit like on TV, that’s just bullshit, they’ll tell you things and they’ll say you’ll go to jail and try to scare you and shit, they’ll say that if you lie they’ll tell your mother and father and you’ll go to jail and shit but don’t mess up. IF you fuck up, they’ll win. Don’t fuck up. Look at me, look at me, look at my eyes. You see? You see? I don’t care! I’m not afraid of them, of nothing, look at my eyes, see that, no fear! no fear! say that to yourself, in your head: no fear, no fear, no fear. OK?

Now, You must do exactly as I say, dude, exactly as I say, you hear me? Do exactly as I say. OK? OK tell me what you’re gonna say to them. Right, right, right, no, no, stop! Stop! Stop crying, you can’t start crying when you say this shit to them, they’ll know immediately you’re fucking lying if you start whimpering and shit. Just say it. Stop shaking, and think! think! NO FEAR.. you little shit, you’re gonna mess us up. You little shit. OK, stop crying and start from the top.

REPEAT AFTER ME.. We, we... just stop it and repeat after me.. We, right... We were walking from school, .. we took the short cut through the woods, ... no, no, the short cut through the woods, remember? We were walking together, about three in the afternoon, after school, yes, after school, we were in the path and we saw the bike, not the bloody body, Chrisssst! The bike, the bike.. we saw the bike then we saw the body in the bushes, goddammit! What the hell is wrong with you! You can’t remember a simple story?

We were walking together after school and we found the red bike.. yes I said RED, red bike on the path, and then we saw the body in the bushes. What time was it when we saw it? Think! yes, that’s it, that’s it, just relax, remember we saw it together, we were together when we saw it. I don’t care if they think we’re lying, you don’t have to say anything other than what we say here. They’re not gonna know, they can’t know they weren't there! They didn’t see nothing. They can’t tell you what to say, they didn’t see nothing, all they’ll know is what we tell them. What WE say to them, that’s why you must pay attention, careful attention, to what I say. OK? Just relax OK?

I know what I’m doing. I said I know what I’m doing. No, you’re not gonna go to jail or nothing! Just do exactly as I say and all be just fine. OK? Damn! Okay, okay, let’s see if you can do this. OK... now. They’ll take you to a room and they’ll ask you questions. They’ll ask you the same questions over and over to see if you trip. They’ll sit you down and ask you the same questions over and over to see if you trip. They’ll send one cop in and then another and then another and they’ll ask you the same fucking thing over and over and over and you’ll have to say the same thing over and over and over, because if you don’t they’ll have us by the balls! No, they are not gonna beat you up, they can’t they can’t touch you, you’re a minor, they can’t touch you, it’s not like the movies, remember? It’s not like that, they are not gonna torture you and shit. They’ll just try to scare the hell out of you ‘till you piss your pants and start talking shit; but YOU CAN’T MESS UP! They’ll call your dad and your mom and they’ll try to scare you, and shit; just so they can get you to tell them what they wanna hear. You can’t mess up. Just tell them what I tell you to say and don’t mess up. OK? Okay? OK then...

Here they come. Okay, okay, okay, here they come, relax, relax, relax, they’re coming.. OKAY, okay... don’t, don’t , just stop, just stop, shut up!. shut up! SHUT UP! shut the hell up.! STOP IT! STOP.!.... Stop crying you shit! stop crying! Listen to me. LISTEN TO ME! Look at me, Look, look, look. LOOOOK! stop..stop shaking you little shit. No fear! No fear! ... don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t...

Come on son. Let’s go. Don’t worry about him, let’s walk. We’ve already contacted your parents. Your mom should be here soon. We just want to ask you a few questions, that’s all. We already know everything. We just need to get some details, that’s all. Here, let’s go in here. Don’t, worry, we won’t be long. Do you want some water? We have a water cooler around the corner here, come on, let’s get you some water. We couldn’t get a hold of your dad, but your mom said she’ll be here soon. Meanwhile, let’s go in here and talk. No, no, don’t worry, you’re not in trouble, you won’t be in trouble if you just tell us what we need to know. Right, let’s go in here. Sit down. No, not there, sit on that chair by the desk, right. Now, let’s talk about your friend there. How did you meet him? Was he in one of your classes? No? Where did you meet? But he seems older than you, right? No? You don’t know? Right, so he’s not in any of your classes; so, where did you guys meet? No, no, no, don’t... Here, have some water. Right, so tell me where you met. No, no, When.. NOT where. You did? I thought he wasn’t in any of your classes? Right, wait, wait, here, use these, don’t use your sleeve.

Right, so tell me about yesterday. You said that you were together when you found the boy’s body, right? What? I thought you said the bike was next to the body, right? What? speak up son, say that again. No, I can’t. Tell me again. So you found the body? The bike was next to the body? .... Here, here, stop whimpering, just take a drink of water. Right, here, use these tissues, don’t use you sleeve. Here. Right, so you found the bike and the boy’s body was next to it right? Right? I thought you said the body was next to the bike, not in the bushes.. No, that’s not what you just said. When did you see the boy’s body, just tell me when... No, she’s not here yet, she’ll be here soon, we’ll bring her here.

Here, drink more water. Right. Let’s start from the beginning. You said that you were together when you found the boy’s body right? Right? Then what? Who? Wait, wait, who was there? I thought you said you were both together, when did you arrive there? Then? Stop, stop... Here, use the tissues. Now, tell me, where was the bike and where was the body... What do you mean.. Please stop....just drink some water. Start again from the when you saw the bike. No, your mother is not here yet, just don’t worry about it she’ll be here any minute; but for now, I need you to start from the beginning.

Right, right, fine, now, here, use the tissues will you?! Right, now tell me, when did you see your friend and who found the body. What? Please, please,...don’t. Just tell me the truth, that’s all, you have nothing to worry about, here. Right, so you were walking home from school, then what? Were you alone? You were not alone? Wait, you just told me you were walking alone when you run into them in the woods... Who? Just tell me who was there when... Right. Stop, stop.... use the tissues. Right, stop.. stop.. Please stop. Here, here, Wait. Let me show you something. Wait here. ...

Right. So do you know what this is? Right, you do know what it is. When? Really? I see, when you broke your arm, I see. Right, well, so you know what this is. Well, come over here. Please don’t do that. Stand up and walk over here, don’t roll on the chair. Here, take these tissues, don’t use your sleeve. So you see this here, you know this is an X-ray, it’s an X-ray of the boy’s head and neck.. See that there? You know what that is? No, come closer, see that? What do you think that is? see them.. those white blobs just behind the mouth, see that? You know what that is? No? Well, let me tell you. These white blobs in the back of the throat, they’re stones. Right, stones... How do you figure they got there? Ha? What? Yes, that’s what they are, stones, How do you figure the stones got there? You don’t? Stop.. don’t, do that, stop, here, take the tissues, drink some more water.. Hold, on.. sit down... I’ve got to get that...

Hello! Yeah, yes.., No, no, I don’t think so. Yes, he’s here, no, no, don’t... not yet! I’m almost done... What? ... Just stall her, don’t... I’m almost there! Just need a few... What? I don’t care what you do.. Just don’t tell her anything. I need a few more minutes,...What? No, no, what? Lawyer my ass... I don’t care Just... just... Can you just stall her for a few more minutes! I don’t care.. I don’t care.. Right, right, do that! Do that!

Sorry, son. Right, so, here, you see these blobs here, those are stones, how did they get there? You tell ME! Who did it? Just tell me the name and we’ll let you go... Right, right, don’t care what you didn’t do, just tell me a name.. What? So? Who? I don’t care... You’re here now, and you need to tell me a name... No, your mother is not here yet. Just... stop crying, don’t do that, just tell me what happened.. Stop, stop,... Listen, to me, listen to me,... We know already, we just need a name. I know, I know that... but give me a name... You see these? You see them? How did these stones get there? Who did it? We know that, we know that too... give me a name. Give me the goddamn name! Stop, crying... here take the box, use the tissues. Right, right....

Right... See there? See the stones blocking the esophagus? The throat! The stones in his throat! Who did this to him?! WHO?! Just tell the name. I know... I know that... Just tell me what happened.. That stupid kid is not gonna touch you, just tell me..... Right, You were not alone? Who was already there? What’s his name? Who did it? What? What? WAIT, STOP!, WAIT!... what do you mean? Stop, slow down... stop crying! Just slow down and tell me...slowly.. Right.. right.. Go on.... go on...

Let me get this straight... You were there with the boy and this other guy, and you did what? Whose bike? You mean?... What?... Who stole it? So who was going to tell? He was? So you did what?.. You too?!... You and the other boy? What? For heaven’s sake... For heaven’s sake ... You were afraid he would tell? Oh my god... Oh my god... You thought he was going to tell... so, the two of you?... You silenced the boy with pebbles?!... Oh my God!... Oh ...my .... God...! Wait here....

Hello? Yeah... Oh my god... I got it... Yeah... He did... I got it.... They both did it... He confessed. Finally.. Justice.... Yes, send her in, send in his mother.... We got the little turds! The who?.. forget the Lawyer!

© Oswaldo Jimenez September 2012
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