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Order The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Smart, dark and graceful, this story
is sure to send chills down your spine

Evie Seo - Bookish Blog

Read the thrilling sequel:
The Hunting out now

The International Writer's Magazine: September 2012
Travel stories
Politics & Comment
How we live
Colombia Journey
Dermot Sullivan

On Day Two in Colombia I realised that the company was not what I had hoped (or had been promised) and immediately tried to find work elsewhere (no-one travels across an ocean and then turns around after two days because of a ‘bad feeling’).
Shaking Like Shakira - In search of the Mosquito Coast
John M Edwards

“Ice is civilization!” declaims the protagonist in Paul Theroux’s popular bestseller The Mosquito Coast
UK - Ireland & France
Ted O'Connor pops in for a visit

I have just romped across France, England, Ireland and Northern Ireland during the past three weeks and yes, I know, it is not that impressive.
Ndere - Attractions around Lake Victoria, Kenya- Kamau Mbiyu
Besides the largely known Lake Victoria, Nyanza region in Kenya comes with its fair share of wildlife. Animal sanctuaries in the area include Ruma National park, Ndere national park, and Kisumu Impala sanctuary
Demonic Demesnes
Former Yugoslavia
“Stringer” John M. Edwards pens some postcards home all of which are stamped “HADES.”

Train Wreck Romney
How to Tank a Campaign in Two Weeks - James Campion 9.21.12
The Mitt Romney campaign has gone off the rails. It is getting harder to believe Mitt Romney actually wants to be president.
Democratic National Convention

James Campion + Readers Responses

This is a crappy time to be president. GDP diving. Manufacturing is down...
Republican National Convention- James Campion

People who choose presidents based on appearance, likability or the general self-interest of the moment.
Blaming Mrs Merkel
(9.20.12 update)
James Skinner on Spain in Crisis

Only last night yet another Molotov cocktail was thrown at a financial centre just across the road from where I live reassuring the Galician people that the movement known as ‘Galicia Resistance’ is alive and kicking.
Khirbet Tana: A Village Without a Map - Jonathon Engels
The home of the family we are visiting is a glorified lean-to, a scavenged collection of panels pinned against scruffy shafts of desert driftwood, but our hosts are happy to see us.

Improbable Meals
Walli F. Leff

The Great Wall, built to secure the nation against military incursions, was the climax of our trip to China. Sam and I labored up the uneven steps of the wall’s roadway and made it as far as the sixth bell tower without spotting any invaders.
She’ll Find You Out
J.S. Wright
- Dating Tips
As you all know, with fall comes the clichéd urge to chase after women that will be looking to cuddle up with that special someone as the temperature drops.
The George in Pangbourne
Marianne de Nazareth

“Come over and have tea with me,” said the happy voice down the phone.
Patience Thinner than Ice
Danae Phelps in Greece

I started off with Rum and Cola
Why So Much Violence?
James Morford

That the United States teems with violence is no surprise. Although biologists and psychologists assure there is no universal aggressive instinct, television, newspapers and magazines, daily report children assassinated, adults slaughtered, and geriatrics mutilated
Dolphin Reef in Eilat, Israel
Norman A. Rubin

Dolphins have been interacting with humans for as long as we have known of their existence - The Dolphin Reef is excellent for a full day activity

REVIEWS Film & Books
The Secret of the Dragonfly:
A Diary of Love at the Beach
Kareena Maxwell

Today, I have thoughts of separation and losses on my mind; the 10th year anniversary of my father’s death, and my youngest son leaving home. They are in the mirror when I put makeup on, and on my shopping list for skim milk and blueberries.
The Journals of Nabokov’s Lolita -
if she had become a Writer
Abigale George

Losing pieces of your identity already in childhood
The Next-to-Last Station    
Martin Green

Five years before, on Paul Lerner’s 75th birthday, his wife Sally had insisted on celebrating the event by having a big party. Paul hadn’t wanted such a big fuss made but hadn’t objected too strongly.  

Sam North

She came bursting out of the door, careening noisily off the far wall, staggering to a stop, dazzled by the glare of the moon against the whitewashed walls
... a cry seemed to stick in her throat as she heard a chair scrape and fall to the floor within.
Denis Quilligan

Nathan is somebody I’ve always liked. He’d frighten the crows the way he looked but there was always a gentility about him
Double Vision
Bruce Harris

I will probably shortly be wafting away over the countryside with my state-of-the-art camera deservedly stuck in my big mouth, Jed the newsman thought, heading for the lift to take him right up to the twenty-fifth floor of the hotel and the gale force winds outside
Maria Dolores
Oswaldo Jimenez

She's an illegal immigrant. One of the thousands and thousands of people who abandon mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends to look for a so-called better life
Just Another Woman
Jude C Perera

Rishi; her marketed name, real name Nishamani Zeram, glanced at the mirror for the hundredth and final time, she was shocked and awed for the hundredth time.

The Hunting
The Hunting by Sam Hawksmoor
Review by Tom D Harris

The sequel to 'The Repossession' is out.
Now it gets really exciting.
Rebel Heart by Moira Young
Sam Hawksmoor review

This is the sequel to Blood Red Road and it was always going to be a hard act to follow. Saba is haunted by all those she has killed...
50 Shades of Grey
James Morford Review
As I read E.L. James’ novel it seemed vaguely familiar. It wasn’t the genre, erotica. Nothing vague about that. Just about everyone has read erotica one time or the other.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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