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The International Writers Magazine: Ndere National Park - Kenya

Ndere - Attractions around Lake Victoria, Kenya
• Kamau Mbiyu
Besides the largely known Lake Victoria, Nyanza region in Kenya comes with its fair share of wildlife. Animal sanctuaries in the area include Ruma National park, Ndere national park, and Kisumu Impala sanctuary.


Ndere National pPark is located in Ndere Island, off the Northern shore of Lake Victoria. It covers an area of 4.2 square. Ndere means meeting place, according to the local Luo language. The climate around is hot and humid. Access to the park is only possible by boat from Kisumu. There is an airport in Kisumu where those arriving by air will first set.

Ndere There are no park roads or even park gates. Nonetheless, there are well maintained walking trails, through which one can view game. There are also two campsites where one can seek accommodation.
Ruma national park lies close to the shores of Lake Victoria. It is in Lambwe valley, nearly 140km from Kisumu.

It borders the Kanyamwa escarpment, Gwassi Hills, Sumba hill and Ruri hills. It covers approximately 120 squared km. The park was mainly established to protect the roan antelope which is found no where else in Kenya. There are two gates, Kamato Gate being the main one and Nyatoto Gate. The climate around the region is hot and humid, with an annual rainfall of 1200-1600mm. the long rains are experienced between April and June while the long rains come between October and December.

The park has lots of animals and bird species, but the roan antelope is the major attraction. Other animals found here include the black rhino, buffalo, impala, baboon, leopard, hyena, oribi, Rothschild's giraffe, serval cat giraffe, hartebeest, reedbuck, honey badgers, bush pig and vervet monkey. There are over 400 bird species, and among the rare ones is the blue swallow and African migrant. The park was heavily infested with tsetse flies, but they have now been eradicated thanks to KWS and the Veterinary department.
Ndere Lake

Facilities in the park include campsites, picnic sites, and a guest house with cable TV. The park is good for activities such as game viewing, picnicking, camping, and sight seeing.
The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is located 3km from Kisumu town. The grassland and woodland ecosystem measures nearly 1square km. the park hosts animals such as vervet monkey, ostrich, impala, leopard, jackal and hyena. It is a fine place to view game, have a picnic, and view the Lake Victoria.

Author Bio
Kamau Mbiyu is a Safari and Travel consultant with vast knowledge and experience.
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