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October 2021

Welcome to this October 2021 edition of Hackwriters. 22 years on-line, 7827 + articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on.

Coronavirus UK: 52,009 tested positive - 115 deaths (912 in last 7 Days) - Oct 22nd
Get Vaccinated! It is still infecting and killing unvaccinated young people and rising!

October Editorial: Pray tell what time does the *doomsday clock say today?

We're going GREEN whether we like it or not. It's going to cost a great deal and we're all going to end up broke, half frozen and stranded in our electric cars on some motorway someplace. But will everyone VOTE for this come the next election. Especially if they know Russia, India and China and a whole lot more aren't going to cut back coal production or heating/cooling their homes. Hair shirts are on sale now in M&S.

What are the odds on China declaring war on Taiwan this very month? The consensus (including President Putin) seems to be it won't happen until 2025 or never, as they can crush it using cyber weapons and take it without force. Nevertheless whatever they do, China can be pretty certain Biden will be asleep at the wheel, that American Generals will need to form a committee to make a decision and a cyber attack it can overwhelm Taiwan in a day - maxiumum three and they won't care about casulties. They will also be calculating the odds on whether this will trigger WW3 or the rest of the world will blink and keep ordering the plastic toys. They will also have control over 90% of the world's supply of computer chips once they take Taiwan. So what's it going to be? Or will they wait until after the Winter Olympics? After all they are taking place in Beijing in February. You might want to hedge your bets here.
*The clock still says 100 seconds to midnight

I had a blood test last week. If you read the news or listen to the BBC you'd think hospital staff are collapsing from over work and there is utter chaos in the hospital corridors. I walked in, put on mask, they drained a whole armful and I was out in ten minutes. Everyone was polite, smiley and everything was working smoothly. I had an MRI exam on a Sunday! The NHS works a 7-day week schedule. Reflect on that all of you who believe the media hysteria. Of course, no one told me just how LOUD the MRI machine would be. Just 20 mins they said. 40 minutes later I was peeled out of the darn thing deafened. All the time I was thinking of that certain scene in Goldfinger - 'No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die'. It was that kind of experience. I have no idea why the MRI scan has to be so deafening (even with earphones) but reasonating magnets 10,000 times more powerful than the earth's own core will no doubt explain it.

Nevertheless the UK is fuctioning. Brussel sprouts are still available in the market! There is petrol for sale in the garages here and no queues. Perhaps the media live in a parallel world where the last tin of caviar is to be fought over in Waitrose - but here in forgotten Lincolnshire we don't eat caviar - ever, and there is no Waitrose either.

It was time to come home after three weeks away. Having had to queue twice to get petrol (as the first pump ran dry as I was using it) I was probably the only one in the line-up who was actually going some place. The others were just topping up in case they had to drive more than three miles, as they’re all working at home anyway.  Panic is contagious, it has no logic to it.  No one needs to have their tank full unless they are planning a long journey or delivering goods.

Prior to filling my car – I was pretty chipper.  I’d been in London caring for my sister who'd just had a cancer op and taken the opportunity to wander a little as she attended follow ups at St Thomas’s (just across from the House of Commons).  London was busy, vibrant and I absolutely loved my stroll along the embankment seeing all the restaurants are busy again.  People seemed to be smiling. Almost no one was wearing a mask, but then again, almost all are vaccinated.

Once my sister was released to my care, I took her to Borough Market for a belated birthday lunch at Applebee’s Seafood.  It’s become a tradition to celebrate there with the buzz of the market people passing by.  To be honest she didn’t think she ever make it given her health, so it was a kind of double celebration.  For her it was probably a triple celebration as she was pretty sick of my vegetarian saltless cooking and was looking forward to cooking her own meals once she could stand properly again.  So I didn’t feel guilty when I finally escaped to Bath to see my best pal Kitty and her husband, not forgetting Biscuit the dog (recovering from having his nuts removed). 

Bath was busy again, tourists and students have returned.  It’s so nice to return to Café Lucca for coffee and enjoy a cider at The Royal Oak (Wednesday was Irish Folk music night and they were pretty damn good).  We’ve all had almost two years of hell and it’s such a pleasure to be able to do simple things and enjoy being with people.  All made possible by science and the vaccines. Nearly 50,000 a day testing positive for Covid this week in the UK. We should be worried I think.

We are so lucky in the UK that most (but not all) people have had the vaccine. There is a rump of sceptics that won’t, around 5 million people, and the daily death toll is almost entirely of those people.  I read about idiots in the USA who’d rather take deworming agents than get the vaccine (and die anyway). It’s very hard to understand this but since they are almost all Republicans – it’s hard to have any sympathy.  Social Media is truly evil, spreading doubt and fear and I suspect Zuckerberg will one day end up behind bars for crimes against humanity. Meanwhile if you are filled with anxiety Indiana Lee has a few ideas for you.

I feel privileged that I live in a country that takes healthcare seriously and we can visibly see the benefits of mass vaccination.  Sure some folks can be panicked easily into filling up their cars or stripping the supermarket shelves of toilet paper & pasta but for those of you reading this abroad and believing the British supermarkets have only empty shelves it’s a huge media lie. The supermarkets are groaning with food, and shelves are already choked with Halloween and Christmas dross that keeps the Chinese economy afloat apparently.  Believe your eyes not the hysterical news, social media or the endless negative reporting about the UK in the NY Times. If you have to worry about something - pray for Taiwan.

Meanwhile I have just seen 'No Time to Die' - all the explosions and exotic locations you could want and two 007's! Fun movie with not a super-hero in sight.

The pubs are open, the restaurants are full, there are a million job vacancies if you're looking for work and if you can’t get petrol, the trains are still running.  Panic is for wimps. (You might want to stock up in winter sweaters given the gas prices though).

© Sam North October - Editor - and yes buy my new novel 'A Cure for Sceptics'!
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Covid Numbers worldwide - Source: Worldometers.

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