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7 Tips for a Better Office
• Robert Everett
Being a young professional can be exciting or terrifying. Trying to balance the transition from school into the career, maintain a thriving social life and figure out where you fit in this world is the everyday life of a young professional.

Office Girl

Productivity means optimizing your entire life, not just work. Changing the way you act in your personal life make you more productive in the office if you act strategically. The secret to productivity is sustaining your commitment and keeping up your discipline over time. It is important to concentrate on one activity that will influence multiple areas such as work, private life, community or civic relationship and health in a positive way. By understanding what productivity really means to you, matching your energy to the task at hand, and leveraging even short amounts of free time, you can make serious progress on the most important goals. Productivity is crucial to your success at work. Time is money. Executives, managers and business owners all want to get the most from their workers. Take a look at the list of 7 simple productivity tips for the office workers. Try to follow these simple tips and you will maximize your productivity, get more satisfaction out of your work and enhance your value as an employee.

1. Optimize your workplace

Before starting doing your job, take a few moments and organize your space. Put everything in the right place. Dispose of unnecessary things. When you have a clutter-free workplace, you produce greater results and increase your productivity. If you have many documents, try to categorize them. Use storage boxes and containers. Delete folders, files or pictures that you don’t need anymore. Check your mailbox and get rid of spam and unnecessary emails. Even couple of personal things in your workplace can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

2. Prioritize your tasks

If you are assigned with many tasks, try to give priority to them and do with the highest first of all. You need to focus on the most important tasks. Prioritize and concentrate on the most essential. Focus on one task at a time and accomplish it properly. Delegate some projects to co-workers if you cannot cope all by yourself. Our days it`s so easy because of a great amount of helping services. EssayVikings writers can assist you with any kind of papers you need. Plan for tomorrow and set a schedule of tasks to perform. You will know what to start with the next day you come back to the office.

3. Divide big problems into smaller pieces

If you have a big task, try to divide it into smaller pieces. It will reduce the feeling of overload. If you see that you cannot cope with task alone, ask for help from colleagues. The office is one big family and someone will definitely lend you a helping hand. Quickly instruct what should be done and assign the responsible person. The Forbes has collected 12 tips for increasing productivity which you can find helpful.

4. Turn off popup notifications

In addition to coworkers, you will have to deal with emails, tweets and messages from your smartphone and computer. Your concentration can be interrupted with annoying popup messages. Minimize any possible distractions. Check your email less frequently. Mute all alerts and notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You have to separate your private life and your work, that’s why try to deal with your personal calls on your own time.

5. Avoid multitasking

In reality, multitasking simply does not work. Researchers have revealed that multitasking reduces your performance and efficiency. If you perform numerous assignments, quality of the work lowers. Your brain concentrates on one thing at a time. Set the priority to tasks and complete them one by one. Accomplish the most important task and move on to the next project.

6. Note down your daily goals

In case you think you cannot keep all of your daily tasks in your head, write a to-do list which can help you out. Write down your daily goals to track everything you have to do. It will help you stay focused. Keep a list of daily objectives in a visible place. Set deadlines and try to stick with them. Plan in advance. Add some details to the tasks. Also take a look at 7 design tips for a more productive office.

7. Have regular breaks

Having regular breaks should include not scrolling through social media, but getting up and walking a bit. Take a break from staring at the screens, walk around the office or go the nearest coffee shop. Try to have a lunch away from your desk. Chat with colleagues. If they are busy, wear headphones and listen to your favorite music. Your co-workers will understand that you do not want to be disturbed. Do something unrelated to your work. It will help you refocus and have more strength to fulfill your work even more effectively. Try to make these pauses a routine.

If you work better in the evening, the experts suggest starting slow in the morning and leaving the challenging tasks for later in the day. They also advise to examine your calendar the night before, identify the gaps in your schedule, and create a special micro-goals list of what you want to accomplish.

Manage your time wisely. Employees that work under stressful conditions are less productive. That’s why positive workplace culture is very important for keeping workers more efficient. Following these tips, you will not only boost your productivity but also acquire a good reputation within a company.

 © Robert Everett July 2017

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