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••• The International Writers Magazine: Short Review

The Girl in a Spider's Web
by David Lagercrantz, Stieg Larsson (Creator), George Goulding
ISBN13: 9780385354288 Knopf 2015
• Sam North review


I was hesitant to read this, as like all novels that continue a dead author's characters (See James Bond) somehow it is never more than pastiche. Well 'The Girl in A Spider's Web' is more than that and is quite an accomplishment by David Lagercrantz who channels Larsson well, but nevertheless it misfires somewhat.

Lisbeth Salander is brought in too late and lacks real motivation to get involved, almost as if Lagercrantz was somewhat intimidated by the thought of writing about such a powerful character. Too much is made of Blomkvist's fading glory, in fact way too much is spent on all that, although it is entirely realistic that a magazine like Millennium would struggle in any market today, let alone be worth investing in. The plot is convincing, but it is very hard to say what exactly isn't right about this 4th outing for Salander and Blomkvist and although I read it recently I was never really on edge reading it and can barely recall any details. It doesn't engage passion and lacks the tension of the originals. Perhaps it's the translation? That said it is a quick read and that's something. But I hope they don't do any more.
© Sam North May 2016
author of Another Place to Die:Endtime Chronicles

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