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The International Writers Magazine: Life Fiction

Wet Shower Floor
•Tom Vinson
When I wake up at three I want to sit by the window and smoke a cigarette before I do anything else.


I take a shower first because I know the anticipation of it will be much better. While in the shower I think about how depressed I am and ponder lying on my back but the shower floor is dirty and it grosses me out. I continue standing. When I get out of the shower and dry myself and put on my clothes I lay back in bed and feel itchy. I know I should clean my room. But it is almost four and
the time for cleaning is past. If I'm going to clean it will be before noon.

I am in the mood to buy a hammer. I will purchase a hammer today.

The time for purchasing a hammer is past, though. I continue to lie on my back.

If I had the money, I would buy myself a haircut. I am balding. My hair is thinning at least, and I know people notice. I have no scratch to buy a haircut and the time is past anyway.

I could grab a cup of coffee. I could go see Katie and Aaron. I haven't been to see them in a while because of my lack of scratch. The time for getting coffee is past, though. I don't feel comfortable getting coffee after about one. They would be correct to think that I had just gotten up and they
wouldn't care. But I'm too paranoid. The time is past anyway.

I continue to lie on my back, thankful it is my bed and not the shower floor.

I hope the cops don't find me today. I hope my brother would have the scratch to bail me out without mom and dad ever knowing.

But the time is past for worrying right now.

A little past four my mother texts me.
-At the ER. Grandad fell and needs stitches-
-Poor grandad. I'll have to call him in a few days. Keep me informed.
-How are you?-
-Fine. I have some things I want to send you. Stuff I've been doing here.
-Please do!-

I have smoked two cigarettes now. I know I will smoke two or three more today before the time is past. I will lie on my back and worry about cancer.

I wonder how painful cancer really is. I have a dull pain in my ear that has been there for two months. I do research on the internet. I should stop smoking cigarettes before the time is past. I don't want my mom to send my brother a text.

-At the ER. Your brother has cancer
-His time is past
-He's such an idiot

© Tom Vinson September '12

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