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Dalhalla – Opera in a Quarry
Eva Bell
About 300 kms northwest of Stockholm is the beautiful region of Dalarna, around Lake Siljan
South American Cities
Michael Zurakhinsky
The best cities of South America have one thing in common: they each reflect unique cultural histories and rich traditions
America’s Bali Ha’i
First impressions of O’ahu
Clive Branson
Approaching Hawaii, the islands look like dark green apparitions of barnacles suspended above a haze of sea

Switzerland: Zest for Zurich
Erica Johansson
Quite a few people think Zurich is boring, others believe the orderliness adds to the city's charm.

Libertine Amsterdam
Marianne de Nazareth
In Amsterdam, a tram ride is the most fun thing to use to get across the city.

Punching & Stick Fighting
Palawan - Philippine islands
Antonio Graceffo
To understand a place, culture or a people you need to integrate yourself into the daily life of the country.

Beijing Bicycle
Paul Haire navigates the city
It's fairly busy, but I have a sense of freedom

NBC & Network Rubber Necking
The Virginia Tech Killer's 15 Minutes Of Infamy
James Campion
Random violence is really interesting. Especially epic slayings by lone nuts for no fathomable reason. Big ratings. Big talk. Big headlines. Big reasoning. Tons of that. Why? How?

Training Teachers
Chris Philipps decodes
The Importance of Teacher Training
So you think you know how to teach

Villains, Victims and Vengence
Spectacle of a Radio Has-Been
James Campion

Why I should be a Juror
James Campion
Unfortunately the author was dismissed for being freelance...


Creative Anthology by students at the University of Portsmouth
on sale now
'Lustful skeletons & Victorian
Reading in Aqaba
Marwan Asmar

One of the best places to read is along the promenade in Aqaba. Just sit on one of the benches, and open your book, nobody will bother you

Stratford's Shakespearean Festival London, Ontario
Habeeb Salloum
in Canada

The world and the Arab world
Marwan Asmar
laughter, jokes, and mirth is what characterizes human development, and makes us cope with the problems of life.

Brief Encounter in the Forbidden City Paul Haire
I sit on my bike and close my eyes, the sun's rays pleasantly warming my face and body, I am oblivious to the throngs of people all around, content in my own world.

Memories of Honey
Natalya Popova
I was lucky to witness the process of honey making at my dad’s honey farm situated in the Fergana Valley region of Tajikistan many years ago.

Teaching in Istanbul
Toral Pattni
Why the hell am I going to Istanbul was the only thought in my head as I boarded the plane.

Hedy Lamarr
Colin Todhunter
I have just had the privilege of spending an evening with the most beautiful woman in the world. I had been watching the 1949, biblical epic “Samson and Delilah” starring Hedy Lamarr

Pisa. Pizza. Piazza
Natalya Popova
8am-ish on a Sunday morning (a brave, if not heroic) start, we stepped out on a route of exploration of Pisa, Italia.

Dermot Sullivan's Mexico Diaries
I am having some trouble adjusting to the altitude.

Diwali - Lights and Sounds
Rhonda Ward
The entire city of Mumbai is under attack with the sound of thousands of fire crackers lays seige to the city. It is the Diwali

Beijing: a blend of Eastern and Western Cultures
Sava Hassan
A tourist can taste that intriguing historical experience by taking a Hutong Tour and visiting Tiananmen Square or Temple of Heaven
Chiang Mai on a Shoestring
Rachel Chan Suet Kay
Rachel Chan Suet Kay tours the city during a Peace Studies training course in Thailand.

Recovery Diary
Roxy Williams under the knife
Op of Doom minus 20 hours
The day before an op you should be taking it easy, not sat on a freezing platform in Southampton. Burning my tongue on an overprized latte I realise that hours sat on a packed platform, in the rain, are not ideal - because once again the trains are late - very late.

Thomas McGuane & 'Gallatin Canyon'
Paul Burga
When I first read Thomas McGuane’s "Gallatin Canyon" (in The New Yorker) I was baffled. I was left with a "What’s wrong here?" feeling.
Teaching in China
Sharon Lockwood
I abandoned my Canadian way of life, traveling thousands of miles across the ocean to central China to teach English. The further from home I traveled, the more second thoughts I had...
Brent Robillard

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at Las Ventas... Spaniards thronged by the thousands outside the Plaza de Toros de Madrid in anticipation of the day’s bullfights.
The Toilet Tour of the Universe
Brett Hardman
I fought with my son this morning, again.
G'Day Cobber
Ray Heap down-under
Checked in last night curtains still closed, pitch black, had a few beers at the bar went to bed, time for breakfast…look at clock… Sod it, it's only two thirty, five hours until I can get lifegiving coffee into the plumbing

Chip for Brains
James Skinner
Many moons ago, some astute XX century futurologist stated that Man would eventually be dominated by machines. He was obviously referring to the computer age

Understanding Mexico
Dermot Sullivan's Mexico Diaries
Mexico is a country both sure and unsure of its identity.

The Dust of Ayacucho
Emily Hopkins in Peru
Floating in the warm wind, the mixture of laughter, music, and unfamiliar languages swam through the air.
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Horse Business
Marc George
Summer was coming and for the first time I wasn't looking forward to it. I thought I was still being punished but mam said not to be silly. I was to be sent to Jacks

Amber C Wisniewski
There are those of us who often repress the haunting memories of our childhood because our mother has violently crushed something as sacred as youth into a thousand abandoned teardrops.
Love Games - Part Two
Mark Cunliffe
Chasing Wendy
She was a phantom of delight

The Dagger by Subimal Misra
Translated from Bengali by V Ramaswamy
Someone called out from behind: Hooeey Sudas! Where’re you goin pal? He didn’t look back. The dead body still hung from that tree branch, feet bound, head downwards.

The Rough Guide to Slovenia
By Norm Longley
Ian Middleton review
Insightful and informative, Rough Guide to Slovenia is an essential part of anyone’s Slovenia travel kit!

The Savage Altar by Asa Larsson
A Josephine Green review

The Savage Altar is Larsson’s first thriller and this unusual piece of detection takes us into the hidden depths of Sweden

White Teeth by Zadie Smith
Dan Schneider
I get really tired of negative criticism. In it, a reviewer who is scared shitless of making an enemy of a writer, or a publishing house, writes a few mild rebukes of the writer, but the end praises the writer as being terrific, as a person, and that it was just this book, or a portion of it, that failed.
Amadeus Directed by Milos Foreman Dan Schnieder DVD review An unexpected pleasure
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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