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The Hunting
Welcome - The International Writers Magazine - August/September 2012
Guest Editorial from Sam Hawksmoor
- Published September 2012
- Be Hunted or Become The Hunter

Paperback: Order now from Amazon UK/USA/Canada/Germany
or Waterstones & W H Smiths
Publisher Hodder Childrens Books 2012
ISBN - 13: 9780340 997093
Print and Download on iPad or Kindle
The Hunting

The Hunting is now out – the sequel to the critically acclaimed sci-fi romantic thriller The Repossession.  If you haven’t read The Repossession yet, well here’s your chance! Do you need to read it first before The Hunting?  Well would you read Peace before War? or see Godfather Two before One?  Of course you can start on book two.  There’s a very simple catch up page and you’ll soon get to grips with it.

Here's what's going down: Genie and Rian and Renée are on the run from the Fortress that has been experiementing on runaways.  Genie and Renée are escaped lab rats with a $10,000 dollar reward on their heads.  Rian is Genie’s boyfriend and Renée’s half brother.  There’s no way he’s going to let the evil Reverend Schneider or the new boss of Fortransco, Strindberg get their hands any of them.  They’re escaping down the Fraser River, hoping to steal Schneider’s boat and flee to Mexico.  Fate has a big surprise in store for them however and Genie is about to discover a whole new chamber of horrors...

extract from The Hunting:

Strindberg watched the kid and thought how relaxed and trusting he was, totally unsuspecting.  Genie Magee had been like this too on her transmission recording.  She had looked so relaxed.  Or resigned, perhaps.
            Five seconds – the overhead speaker announced.
            The Chief technician arrived and took the seat next to Strindberg.
            “You fond of executions, Chief?  Hadn’t expected to see you here.”
            The Chief attempted a smile.  “This might work this time.”
            Strindberg made a note of the Chief’s ‘might’.
            “You’re sure this is an exact replication of Genie Magee’s transmission test?” Strindberg asked again.  He didn’t take his eyes off the platform or TV screen showing the empty teleport chamber over in Synchro thirty-five kilometres away.
            Two seconds
            The transmission signal went to green for go.  The platforms were in synch.
            A warning buzzer sounded signalling a transmission was about to begin.
            The kid vanished from the platform.  Strindberg was astonished.  It worked.  The damn thing really worked.  All those billions hadn’t been wasted after all.

I was really worried when I was writing the opening scene as when I drove up the Fraser for hundreds and miles there was hardly any water in it at all.  In my mind it was in flood and locals told me –‘hasn’t flooded for years.’

Well by chance 2012 changed all that and the Fraser has flooded more than once and at the time of writing the Okanagan and other areas of BC are experienced incredible rains and flood and landslides.  Not saying there’s any connection between what I write and real life, but hey I can now feel comfortable with those kids on the river scared to death as huge tree trunks threaten them, wild water tries to engulf them.  (Feel sorry for those upriver who have lost homes, lives and possessions though).

It’s the danger writers face.  You write about a peaceful tranquil oasis in London and riots break out. You want bad weather in some place – they have the best summer they ever had.  Nothing stays the same.

Books are not transitory things however and have to stay true for a long time.  The Repossession hides its sci-fi roots pretty well in the beginning, but in The Hunting the disguise is off and here is a full blown debate about the ethics of teleportation and the amoral experiments required to make it work.  Science is made successful incrementally and the inhuman history of teleportation experiments are definitely exposed here.  It's not pretty. Read at your peril. Will Genie survive? Heck will Moucher? the long suffering dog who follows her everywhere. All I can tell you is that it gets a lot tougher to keep it all together.

If you can’t see it in Waterstones, W. H Smiths or your Indie Bookshop – Amazon will oblige and if you buy both – deliver free.  You can even read it on your Kindle or your iPad.   Hey and in 2013 you can even read it in French with a new edition coming out in France.

The Repossession & The Hunting are available to order right now from Hodder Childrens Books UK and in Australia - Best Price Amazon (co.uk/.com/.ca/.de) and can be ordered from Waterstones UK

© Sam Hawksmoor September 2012

The Repossession

The Repossession. View the Trailer here - a fast paced edgy romantic thriller
'The Repossession... will blow your mind and keep you guessing until the very end'. A Dream of Books (SJH)
'Smart, dark and graceful, this story is sure to send chills down your spine...one of the best, and most fascinating, debut novels I've ever read'. Evie-bookish.blogspot

Read- The Hunting - the thrilling sequel

'The Repossession is a well-written absolute wonderful sci-fi mystery... that will never let you go.’

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