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Welcome to this February edition of Hackwriters. Read us and the amazing archives too. 16 years on-line, 7679 articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the share link.
Jo In Memory of A Mother: Joanna North who died this week aged 95

Editorial: February 2015

Wishing Merkel and Hollande good luck in trying to de-escalate the Ukrainian war. Putin desperately wants war with Europe to distract from his massive mis-management of Russia, but sadly it will all be a bit one-sided since no one in Europe really maintains a proper army anymore or the equipment to fight it. Shades of 1914 all over again, never mind 1938. Can it be possible that Europe drifts to war again? It's a sad reflection upon the standards of our politicians and their ecomonic managment of Europe that it could even be thought possible. Place your bets on Greece slipping out under the back door by the end of February and Putin stepping in to 'protect' them. Looking more certain by the day.

The SuperBowl sort of passes the UK by as a: we play football without body armour and b: we like our footballs fully inflated. That said something really good came out of the game. The new Fiat 500x commercial. Watch it here and put a smile on your face. You will definitely feel more cheerful.

Spent a night in hospital with chest pains. It was crowded, staff were overworked, I was left in a corridor with several old women and someone with pnuemonia, but the nurses and doctors steadily worked through everyone and by 2am I'd had x-rays, blood analysed and although in pain it turns out a pinched nerve in your back can feel exactly the same as a heart attack - especially as I had a real one last August and survived. Anything you hear about the NHS nearing collapse don't believe. Staff at the Princess Diana Hospital were courteous, concerned and worked hard. I saw a woman going through a heart attack just like the one I had last year with vomiting and felt for her as they carefully and gently explained the options. We are VERY lucky to have the NHS in the UK and it works. Expensive for the taxpayer no doubt, but no one is excluded - not even those who put themselves there by ignoring health advice. At 2.30am I was in a taxi going home in the snow, happy to know my pain would be temporary.

Meanwhile you just about get by the most depressing day of the year and then you are faced with all those winter bills.  Heating, electric, water and sewage.  A thousand quid out the door and you still haven’t bought any food.  No wonder everyone’s thoughts turn to booking summer vacations. 

I shouldn't worry with my heart condition – I’m pretty much guaranteed to keel over if I just jog around the block.  Anytime you seen me running you will know that I’ve decided to end it all.  But first I have to get through another box of wine from Laithwaites.  I seem to have signed up for a box a month – about twice the quantity I’d normally consume.  Doctors orders believe it or not. 'You are drinking red wine every night?' He asked more than once.

My best friend is very badly affected by winter – hitting the depression floor with each dark morning and early gloomy evening. I never thought of her as someone who would be so disturbed by darkness – but I understand it.  Winter is relentless. And I feel for any sufferer.  Even SAD lamps don’t fix it.  She needs a dog in her life I think.  Dogs apply subtle pressure on you. 'Get up, go out, I need to poo’.  It’s as relentless as darkness, but their needs overrule your own so you don’t have time to dwell on depression.  Maybe I’ll get her a puppy for her birthday.  She’d kill me I suspect.

February begins other miseries. All the unresolved issues of the previous year come to a head.  The Greek election is one shoe dropping, the Spanish elections might be the next – I fervently hope we in the UK don’t lurch to the left again in May and ruin the recovery. I never quite understand the lure of politicians promising Eldorado – once you are past 25 you have to know it is all lies and providing yet more benefits for those who don’t ever work can’t be good for them or the country as a whole.  People in the UK needlessly live in fear about losing the NHS thanks to socialist posturing during elections - but if it costs us just what people pay in Canada each month– we would have the wealthiest and most effective health service in the world.  Being free, as it is, invites abuse, but nevertheless somehow survives.  Something to consider Doctors prescribing medication that people really don’t need or avoiding discussions about obesity.  No one needs a gastric band when a zipper on their mouth will do. (Hardly anyone was obese thirty years ago -  but clearly self-discipline has vanished in society.  Comfort food causes discomfort – go figure.)

Meanwhile a February memory for me is catching the bus in Vancouver up to Quesnel to see a girl.  So cold the bus tyres froze to the snow at a break stop and all the men had to get out the bus and piss on the tires as the driver gunned the motor.  Then arriving at the girl’s home to find the door wide open at -25c and the parents passed out drunk on the floor.  Woke up to find the ex-boyfriend had placed a huge decapitated stuffed Garfield head between us as we slept!  Small towns in Canada are just slightly crazy. And yes some of that did make its way in The Repossession....

OK dog whining at the front door.  Got to go walkies. She doesn’t care it’s bloody freezing. 'Got to pee!  Get me out of here.’
Editor - February 2015

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