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February Editorial

Welcome to this February edition of Hackwriters. Read us and our amazing archives too. 18 years on-line, 7386 articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the links.

*RIP Stuart McLean - One of Canada's most loved raconteurs - The Vinyl Cafe is now finally closed 15.02.2017

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Sam Editorial: Feb 2017

So are you surprised President Trump has kept his promises so far?  You shouldn’t be.  You can question as to whether he is right to dismantle healthcare, international trade, remove women’s rights over their bodies and hire old greedy white billionaires to run the country, but plus ca change as they say.  Old greedy white guys are all he’s ever known, so he’s not exactly going to call up your average community organiser is he.  Reap the whirlwind and think back to the last time ‘protectionism’ was centre stage in the American economy. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930 introduced by President Hoover after the Wall Street crash – destroyed foreign trade.  After that the rest of 1930’s didn’t really work out so well for the world.  1932 unemployment reached 25% in the USA  (pretty much where Greece is now).  He also supported prohibition which significantly increased crime and graft right across America.

Now there's the banning of refugees (for 90 days) from countries Trump doesn't like, the demonisation of Muslims has started. He's doing ISIS' work all for them. Let's Make American Hate Again writ large. Sadly this is just what those who voted for him wanted to happen. There is a balance to be struck by the Supreme Court however and the contraints of the Constituion should help bring things into equilibrium.

Trump will make his own mistakes. Ask James Campion about Alternative Facts in our February issue for example. In Trumpworld the Moon really is made of cheese. The ideal of making everything American needs within its borders is not unreasonable, as long as what everyone wants is American. But what if you want a Jaguar or BMW?  What if you prefer an Airbus jet to a Boeing?  Will there be penalties for your choice?  Most probably and that’s where the downward spiral will begin. But as James Campion suggests there's No 'Do-Overs' he's here to stay.

Will the wall to Mexico get built?  Most likely.  Mexico will pay for it in the collapse of its manufacturing as a 20% tax is applied, and unless it puts an effort into exporting to the rest of the world it is toast. 81 percent of Mexican exports go to the USA.  That’s a tough ask to replace all that, but they may have to and the social upheaval will put pressure on an already shaky law and order situation there.  Canada is in the same boat.  Already California is objecting to British Columbia allowing only BC wine to be sold in their supermarkets and wants to force Californian wine onto BC.  It’s not a fair deal as California has thousands of vineyards and BC just a few.  Canada might start to lose its manufacturing base as work is transferred back across the border by the US companies that own their factories.  Two trillion dollars in annual trade between the two countries is at stake here.
Canada and Mexico shares are a sell right now. 

It might be that TPP gets rescued as the rest who were to sign up to it persevere and China may step in to the USA’s boots.  If so – that’s where the damage to the US economy will start.  Isolation and protection – election buzzwords that appeal to those who feel they have been let down by globalisation – but dangerous when actually implemented and that’s where we are headed.  What you can hear is the sound of doors are closing both in the USA and in the UK and we really don’t have a clue as to what the future will look like ten years from now.

Meanwhile – here we are at the start of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. Rooster years are all about keeping up appearances they say.  Even as the chickens lose their heads.  You are warned. Our Spanish correspondent keeps us up to date with what is happening in Spain. Catalonia still wants to leave the rest of the country.

On a personal note it seems it takes almost a month to get rid of this coughing virus that has swept across the UK and Europe.  Hospitals have been overwhelmed everywhere and I’d be interested to see the mortality rate – there were times there when death hovered whilst I coughed my lungs out.  One of my students reckons that for the Queen to have survived this virus she had to have been replaced by a robot.  I'm inclined to agree. It’s a real killer. As I write this some hospitals in the UK have cancelled operations until April they are so strapped for staff, money and space as bed-blocking is beginning to cripple their abilities to function. As a nation we are getting old and no one has a clue how to deal with this. In my family we took care of our old. I'm old fashioned enough to think that was the right thing to do. But I have no family of my own – so with luck I just won't get old.

Happy New Year. If you spot any articles on the front page you like - do share them.

© Sam North Feb 14th 2017 Update

I might suggest that you now order our book J&K 4Ever - for a vision of America fifty years from now. Be warned America in 2067 isn't a very friendly place. Order now for 2017 essential reading.
© Sam North & Sam Hawksmoor

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See any article you like – please share it. More to come as the month progresses.

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