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The International Writer's Magazine: February 2012 - Editorial
Travel stories
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In Search of the (happy) Jewish Story in India
Irene Shaland

I dreamt of India for years. As my husband Alex and I planned our trip we both began to see India as the place in space and time where one comes for self-discovery and personal growth.
Congratulations to John M Edwards for winning Four 2011 NATJA Travel Writing Awards for his articles in Hackwriters. His Gold Award Winner here:
Going Nowhere in Ghana
Just Back : An African 'Ozymandius'
The 'Oscar' of the African Coast

John M. Edwards haggles recklessly over a uniquely carved wooden statue of the cowlicked comic-book hero Tintin at The Ivory Coast Arts Coop, perfect for smuggling diamonds or heroin. . . .
ATHENA Project Raises Flag of Ancient Theaters in Euromed Region
Marwan Asmar

Say Athena, and you think archaeology, Europe, cultural heritage and cooperation. The ATHENA Project of Ancient Theaters Enhancement for New Actualities is an impressive project funded by the European Commission under the Euro-Med Heritage IV program.

The Israel Threat 02.17.12
James Campion
A Sideways Path to War with Iran

The near east U.S. military outpost known as Israel is about to go rogue. For all intents and purposes, much to the eternal glee of Hezbollah and whatever is left of al Qaeda, our overextended and bankrupt nation is about to be dragged into a direct confrontation with Iran.
The Thousand And One Fights
Dean Borok

Anywhere the Israeli team is invited, they have to be accompanied by armed guards, like war criminals, not exactly the spirit of sporting excellence envisioned by Baron de Coubertin, OK?
Akha Culture Hijack
Paul Hunt
Profiting from suffering and spilt blood of others is abhorrent...while war profiteering is illegal. However, the business of “nonprofit” aid to dispossessed peoples has no controls

Face Value on Facebook
Jules Kay

As Facebook goes public with a stock value that's estimated to be worth between $75 billion and $100 billion
The Changing Business Lexicon
Barry Mayhew

The word pollution has largely been removed from the corporate lexicon and been replaced by a company’s “carbon footprint.”
Doing battle with Estate Agents
Sam North
For some time now I have been trying to buy a home.  OK, I have some specifics as I have someone in a wheelchair in tow, but you’d think with all the houses on sale in the whole country that an estate agent would bite your hand off to make a sale.

Proving God by Consensus: My Problem with the Religious Right
Robert Levin

A few decades ago I was awakened at seven o’clock one Sunday morning by the persistent droning of my downstairs door buzzer.
The Brick Internet

Byron Reese

The Internet kinda sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Internet. It is the greatest invention since at least movable type and perhaps since writing itself. But it is still so primitive that it is barely past the “stone knives and bear skins” stage of technology
The Scurge of Unemployment in Spain
James Skinner

Greece has officially been declared a basket case, the gurus at the Davros Economic Summit continue to predict what we all already know, the Arab League has given up on Syria whilst Russia waits in the wings to pick up the pieces and Iran threatens to put up the price of oil.
If I were to be the new Inspector-General of the Nigerian Police Force
Adewale T Akande

The situation in Nigeria now is so serious that the conventional ways of doing things can no longer solve our problems judging by the fact of the numerous police Inspectors General we have had since independence
Tittle-Tales of Time
Indrani Bhattacharyya

‘No more flirting. It’s the perfect phase to take life more seriously, right dear?’ My four years younger sister asked me with all sincerity.
‘Yet another short lived new year resolution? Huh?’ I pulled back my chair and winked at her casually.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Diary of an insomniac
Abigail George

I want you to feel the cold like I do, weep like I do, make sense of the senseless world around you like I do. I want you to imagine the unbearable lightness, futility, looseness of things past holding you back
Punta la Luna  
Piotr Wesolowski

He’s had this terrible nightmare. He saw his wife wobbling in blood. In his dream she was; in real life, she didn’t stir. She was dead, and dead cold though her eyes were wide open. That’s why he has to run away, maybe leave the Island.
Running with Lithium
Abigale George

Head made of stone sound the alarm for here hallucinations abound like driftwood, a gull sweeping through the sky overhead. In the photograph her skin is as dark as dry blood as she stands in her white dress.
The Bee
Jill Charles

“The Bee is the first device of its kind ever made,” Oliver told Sheila.  “We produced only a hundred as samples but when it's released in August, it will take over the mobile phone market.”
The River
Oswaldo Jimenez

Lawrence Frost ( Larry to you ) was the only child in a household where love and responsibility had always gotten along very well. He’d been born under the sign of Aquarius to an upper-middle-class family who had  provided him with the right education which had buoyed him to success.

Beauty Plus Pity by Kevin Chong,
Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, 2011, 256 pp.,
A Charlie Dickinson review
The narrator, Malcolm Kwan, a twenty-something Canadian-Chinese slacker, works in a used record store in Vancouver, BC. His parents wanted him to make something of himself.
The Descendants

Director: Alexander Payne
Sam Hawksmoor review
Wife in a coma after a boating accident - Matt King (Clooney) a lawyer and landowner in Hawaii is faced with having to look after and understand his kids for the first time in his life.
Dispatch: Dangerous Drinks
John M. Edwards

The Real Singapore Sling
John M. Edwards flies all the way to ex-Empire Changi Airport to try an authentic ancient Chinese secret called “Singapore Sling.”

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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