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Welcome to the JULY Edition of Hackwriters

Welcome to this edition of Hackwriters and hope you'll stay to look around. Read us and review the amazing archives too. 14 years on-line and 7200 articles - reviews - stories - destinations.
Next edition August 1st.
The July heatwave caught us all by surprise in the last few days. The South swelters but here by the beach there is always a breeze. I'd like it warmer of course, but the kids like it just fine walking out as far as the eye can see to find the North Sea which retreats to somewhere close to Belgium at low tide. I know people pay a great deal for the privilege of living in the south of England, but the best beaches are here on the East Coast. The sea could be more blue - tis true, but it has it's own romance I think and one can sit on the dunes and think as you listen to the waves and the dull hammering of the ships engines as they pass on the horizon.

I've been busy picking cherries off my tree. My neighbour says he's never seen cherries on the tree in ten years so I guess I'm in luck. Next month the apples will be ready I reckon. I'm finally living off the land.

Last month we were watching the rain in France. Pretty much the same rain as we get here, only it costs more to watch it fall at five euros for a cup of coffee.  Had to fly Ryan Air.  It’s not something you’d ever want to do unless you had to. As it happens with the air traffic control strike it would have been quicker by train.  But here’s thanking Lionel and Catherine for their hospitality in Biarritz.  If you want to experience the best of the Atlantic surfing waves, this is the place to go. Up in the mountains there's these wonderful Basque towns on either side of the border all resplendent in the white and red colours and if you trot over the border to the Spanish side there are local artists on show. Visit the art in San Salvadore Monastry whilst you are there in Urdax.

For rainy days there is the Royal Cinema in Biarritz and we caught up with the excellent MUD,starring Matthew Mcconaughey - a much neglected wonderful movie that harks back to Huck Finn an' all and is so much more satisfying that all these blockbusters that all merge into one another. Caught The Bling Ring too, but the sad fact is, no matter the director's skills, a movie about shallow teens is generally going to be well shallow and meaningless. Had to see World War Z in French. I am sure it all made sense, but 28 Days Later was a more effective movie - scarier too. The special effects in Z were amazing however.
France/Spain border

As I write this there’s a fox in my garden showing two young cubs around.  They look skittish.  You wonder how they even crossed the road they are so naïve.  You might hate foxes but you don’t see any rats around here (or fluffy bunnies) so I don’t mind when they come rushing through my garden wondering if I accidentally dropped anything to eat. Hey Mr Fox eat the snails. We have a lot of snails.

The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor won Bronze at the Amazing Book Awards on the 5th (*Joint Winner with Jon Mayhew of The Wirral 'Paperback of the Year' 2013) and The Hunting. The good news is that the books are coming out in Canada on September 3rd - so time for him to plan a trip home ( looks like October). He’s got the paperback of Repercussions coming out soon too.

Other Sam is writing and editing.  Maintaining Hacks.  And er waiting for an operation.  Don’t ask.  It’s gonna be hell.  Once I get on the actual waiting list.  Seems I’m on the list to go on the list at the moment. Need new specs too. Things fall apart I guess.

Have a great July readers.  If you see an article in Hacks you like tweet it or share on your favourite social media site.  Be safe and enjoy your summer.

© Sam North & Sam Hawksmoor   Joint Editors July 2013

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Paperback due out this weekend with luck
The Repercussions of Tomas D
A Hero? Or Englands Greatest Traitor?

Sam Hawksmoor is shortlisted for the Leeds Books Awards, Bronze winner of ABA, and Joint Winner of The Wirral 'Paperback of the Year' Award 2013

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