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June - Editorial

Welcome to this June edition of Hackwriters . Read us and the amazing archives too. 16 years on-line, 7220 articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the share link.

BiarritzEditorial - June 11th 2015
I’m off to the Basque country for a couple of weeks mid-June – so won’t be answering emails as I’ll be enjoying the huge Atlantic waves and no doubt desperately trying to find somewhere to eat vegetarian – not easy in meat obsessed France.  I imagine the world will still be here when I get back. But who knows hey? I've been told to bring a raincoat - sigh...

I have a pal who never listens to the news or reads a newspaper beyond the sports pages.  He has no interest in Islamic State beheadings or setting off on jihad, or whether the UK stays in or out of Europe.  He doesn’t even care if Seb Blatter or other FIFA officials allegedly took millions from Putin to stage the world cup in Russia.  He has no interest in the environment except he buys organic because his ex made him do it.  He cares nothing for refugees drowning in the Med or why they are there, or climate change.  He almost raised an eyebrow when I mentioned 120,000 Romanians arrived in the UK in the last year, but only to say 'They'd better not come here'. I have no idea even how I know him, except he’s often in the same coffee shop as me with his scruffy dog chained up outside looking miserable.  Sometimes I envy his ability not to care, or worry, or be concerned about the world around us.  It’s not something I could ever do.  So naturally I worry about the consequences of IS taking over the whole Middle East and the Saudis buying off-the-peg nukes from North Korea.  I fret about global warming, leaving or staying in Europe and dishonesty in politics, not forgetting football and motor racing. Perhaps not helped by reading Paulo Bacigalupi's latest novel The Water Knife about the scarcity of water in the future USA and how expendable life is to those without water rights. Worth noting one of the warmest places on the planet right now is the Artic! Forest's on fire in BC and Alberta and only just June. El Nino is vicious this year.

So who is better off?  The Nevermaycare with not a concern beyond their own life, or me, the worrywart who is afraid for all of mankind.  Of course those fears are translated into my writing such as the new version of 'Another Place to Die' which is about the consequences of a pandemic breaking out in the USA and Canada. I am lucky I have an outlet, but to live a life of utter tranquillity with no curiosity would, to me, be unimaginable.  Stress free it might be but how bloody dull.  My pal is not alone of course.  Thousands of people have tuned out ‘real life’ all except reality TV of course.  Go figure.

From the start of mankind we were programmed to worry about the seasons, the weather, the scarcity of food or animals.  These worries made us think, find solutions, sharpen flint, decorate our caves and grow fixed crops and store them for hard times.  We were a living worry machine and most of us still are, several hundred thousand years on from early man.

Let the bad news roll on.  Worrying probably won’t solve anything, or stop the power hungry and greedy from lining their pockets, or starting wars, but it’s what makes us all interesting.  To lack curiosity is frankly weird.  If you are at all worried about Greece or the future of Europe, check out James Skinner's latest article on the problems facing Spain you may not want to be investing there anymore.

*If you are on vacation in Turkey and spot a book with my name on it, let me know, I am keen to see the Turkish edition of The Repossession due out this June.

Happy Summer

© Sam Hawksmoor June 2015 - Joint Editor
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