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JUNE 2021

Welcome to this JUNE 2021 edition of Hackwriters. 22 years on-line, 7804 + articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on.

JUNE 23rd 2021:
Covid numbers worldwide. 180,063,192 - Total deaths 3,901,008
USA 34,435,010 - total deaths 617,884 - Source: Worldometers. 6.23.21*These figures more inclusive than John Hopkin's numbers


Mid-summer. California and Texas roasts and the dams dry up. In the UK we watch the mid-summer rain and cross fingers England do well in the last 16 of the Euros 2020 which is a year late of course due to Covid. I suspect a long of things are going to be a year late for a while. If you haven't had the jab make sure you get it, if entitled. It's the only way we get out of this. Covax it getting millions of doses out to many other countries now but we will need billions more. Don't resist - the whole world needs to be immunised for this to work.

I was thinking about the many articles in the media about peoples' mental health issues after Covid - being in lockdown certainly affected many people quite drastically. WFH burnout is a thing too, especially for those with families and a lack of work space. This is driving the property boom for homes with more space and outside spaces in particular. No doubt social media is also driving this sense of insecurity, delivering misinformation daily and making people have doubts - it eats away at your confidence and sows discontent.

In poorer countries where Covid is still raging such as Peru, Nepal, and South Africa - the aftermath will drive millions into poverty and destroy any educational dreams young children may have, particularly girls. In many countries they are only just getting Covax donated vaccines and lack people to deliver them to rural communities. We might congratulate ourselves in the West for getting millions vaccinated but until the whole world is vaccinated the variants will just keep on coming.

Most who caught Covid recovered, we hope they have some immunity from the variants. That leaves 3,877,000+ dead worldwide (that we know of) and many of those leave behind wives or husbands, orphaned children, all of whom must find a way to survive and continue living.  Emotionally many will be deeply affected by this, as well as impacted financially.  In some countries it is catastrophic as they have no social security at all or any government minded to help.  It is a worldwide tragedy and it will resonate for a generation. Disrupted careers, mental illness (particularly those who went down the rabbit hole of QAnon and Anti-Vax) will have lasting consequences.  Those who were more willing to be vaccinated are probably people with a more optimistic viewpoint of life, keen to survive and move on.  But each one us will have been affected by fear and anxiety. * If you need help - it is out there. Mind,org.uk

But then I got wondering how people coped after five years of war between 1939-1945?  You can't equate bombs and a pandemic but I'm thinking more about the duration of the experience, how that must have shattered so many lives. Did the UK population get counseling?  Of course not.  How badly scarred were that post-war population? Were there studies on PTSD for the whole UK population?  On individual soldiers who suffered trauma yes, on the population probably not.  They were expected to pick through the rubble and start over. It's a fact one million homes were bombed in London alone. During the Blitz, night after night, people slept in the underground never knowing what they might face in the morning. In fact, PTSD only became accepted as a diagnostic tool by the APA in 1980.  Diagnosing a whole civilian population would have been impossible in 1946 and could have led to stigmatising those who didn’t get over war as easily as others.  You can’t tranquilise a whole nation – except in fiction. (Brave New World comes to mind.)

People should perhaps reflect on that we have a lot of reasons to be thankful for the biochemists that developed the vaccines and gave us our freedom back in the West.

I read a few months ago that after millions died following the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918/19 people just wanted to forget it and remarkably they did just that. Few songs or books or films were made about it. Will Covid follow the same pattern? It might. The restaurants are full, the beach is crowded. People are laughing and gathering in large numbers. It just might all be forgotten sooner than you think - the still shuttered bankrupt businesses the only reminder. The Delta variant might scotch all that of course.

Anyway I was just writing this editorial when first my little finger went numb, then my whole hand and then right up my left arm.  Was this a slow motion heart attack or had I been stung?  Couldn’t find any stings or bites.  Luckily I had recently bought some antihistamine and quickly swallowed a pill with a nice Malbec. ‘Cause if you are going to have a heart attack, might as well enjoy your last glass of wine if the bottle is open.

All is well now I hope, except I can’t feel my little finger, which is red-hot.  This took me to another phenomena of Covid.  The almost complete inability to see your doctor face to face.  No check ups.  (I am supposed to be monitored for skin cancer and heart but have not seen anyone for two years or more).  Others I know all have experience the same. You can phone up, go through reception 'triage' and they suggest you call some spurious 111 number – where someone will read a script and fob you off.  If your problem isn’t life-threatening don’t bother us.  The snag is, the longer you don’t see a doctor, the more likely it is your issue could become life-threatening and require major surgery or worse as it becomes too late to treat the problem.

I know doctors in hospital have had it extremely tough, as have the nurses, but GP’s have been in hiding now for 15 months.  The backlogs are getting horrendous and no doubt many people are slipping through the nets and dying unnecessarily.  Some of those patients might not be helping themselves with their diet or the booze or drugs; some may well be resorting to on-line ‘cures’ and scams.  Unless you build up a rapport with a GP no one is going to see the warning signs.

I suspect in future we are going to do a lot more of taking care of ourselves.  Personally I can’t wait for 24-hour AI virtual doctors.  Doctors have no idea how vulnerable they are to the AI revolution and the more they ignore patients, the less likely they will want to defend them when AI sweeps in and scoops their jobs. Won’t be long now. Meanwhile enjoy your new found freedoms and stay cautious and watch Sweet Tooth on Netflix. The best series of 2021 so far.

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© Sam Hawksmoor - June 2021

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All pain teaches us something - it is for you to understand what that lesson might be.
- Guru Gurajani

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