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JUNE 2023

Welcome to this edition of Hackwriters. 24 years on-line, 7,931 + articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on. June 29th 2023 - Previous Editorial on Paris here


Editorial: Slow Mo to Hell
That was the shortest Coup in history. More fizzle than fizz. Putin is diminished, the rebel Prigozhin is going into exile, his 'private army' to be joined with the main Russian Army - should they wish to take the pay cut. But Putin will want to prove he's still in charge, so expect a lot of people to fall out of windows in Moscow and the war against Ukraine to become even more lethal. Not a happy time.

Photo of the Humber Estuary one stormy day © S.Hawksmoor


Russia blew up a huge dam in the Ukraine and thousands of people have been evacuated. The same water is used to cool nearby nuclear reactors 90Km upstream. Animals will die due to breeding grounds being destroyed. Ukraine is facing a future of inevitable drought and starvation in the region (due to water contamination). War is also climate change by other means. This was an act of ecocide by Russia. Say a prayer for Ukraine and send them victory against Putin.

I was reading about Nepal in The Times recently. (Mt Everest is located between Nepal and Tibet). 70 years have passed since Tenzing and Hillary first conquered Everest.  Now, thanks to climate change, thousands line up in the summer to stroll up there and claim a spot for their ego. Naturally they leave their tents, garbage and empty oxygen tanks up there in a huge pile. Not an evironmentalist among them it seems. It would appear that none of these people have noticed that all the glaciers in this region are melting fast.  They make no connection to their contribution to that problem by flying there, for example.  Of course, there’s no direct link between mountaineers ticking their boxes and glaciers, but the melting is emphatically linked to all the vast amounts of coal being burned in China and India to keep factories going and, in China’s case, provide power for all those ‘supposed’ pollution free electric cars. Burning coal in massive quantities is literally killing the planet.  Germany has recently swapped nuclear power for coal that makes no environmental sense at all.

These melting glaciers provide water for two billion people in the Indo-China region.  Two Billion.  Ok, they won’t starve today, but in the near future when the glaciers are gone (as soon as 15-20 years) the rivers will die, as will the crops and most of the animals they rely on.  Where do you think two billion people will go when they can no longer eat?  How many wars will this create as social tensions mount?

Simultaneously, the Arctic and Antarctic are also melting and speeding up. That’s a lot of fresh water pouring into the oceans that will kill fish and plankton, make the water more acidic and could cause ocean levels to rise.  The loss of ice cover will mean the oceans warm ever faster contributing to the global rise in temperature. The oceans don’t have to rise much to swamp most major cities in the world.  The saline water will render the arable land around the cities sterile.

If you are under thirty this is certain to happen in your lifetime, whether you stop driving or using electricity today.  De Santis’s Florida will eventually be underwater.  New York is already sinking thanks to the weight of the giant towers.  I live in an endangered area on the East Coast of the UK.  From the Humber to the Thames much of the coast and the habitats are at risk.  Soon it will be impossible to get flood insurance.  As I drive around I see hundreds of new homes being built on known flood plains and I despair.

I’m not one of the ‘just stop oil’ people. We are in an ironic situation that just as petrol and diesel engines reached peak efficiency they will be banned from sale by 2030.  Electric cars are not clean and at the moment are inconvenient for long journeys with huge waits to get a recharge.  If we all went electric the amount of slave-labour produced lithium needed to provide battery power would outstrip world-wide supply.  The huge waste and pollution caused by scrapping petrol and diesel makes no sense at all.  Worse, we are gifting China the right to provide all our future electric transportation as they monopolise rare-earth minerals and in turn they will burn more coal to make them.

I guess we should already know that politics is the art of short-termism and that politicians always fight the last battle rather than face reality. People would rather vote for people who lie to them than others who tell the truth. Hence the rise of autocratic leaders world wide. (See Turkey, Russia, China, Iran, India ... quite possibly the USA in '24).

We are facing global catastrophe in slow motion but people don’t want to see it, although there are enough hurricanes, droughts or floods drastically affecting their lives to make them sit up and notice.  The world temperature is rising and even if the machine stopped today (as it did during Covid) it is more than likely that it is too late to stop it unless you can make China, India, South Africa and many others stop using coal entirely now!  Glueing yourself to a highway or using your bike more often in the UK won’t make a damn bit of difference I’m afraid. Try glueing yourself to a highway in China and see how the cops respond...

We’ve outgrown the planet.  We shall pay a heavy price, as will all the animals for our collective greed.

Maybe we’ll be safer in Europe you’re thinking, but their glaciers will be gone soon and so will the rivers. Take a walk in Switzerland and see for yourself (but go by train, don’t fly). Germany relies on rivers to transport industrial goods and grain for example. Last summer the water levels dropped drastically to prevent this.

Maybe you can afford a ticket on Elon Musk’s mission to Mars, but Mars is no picnic spot either and you’d have to live forever with an alleged megalomaniac. What could possibly go wrong?

Enjoy your Evian whilst it last people and lay in some wine in case. Have a happy June. Meanwhile celebrate that one particular mobster has been indicted by the United States and another monster has died.

© Sam Hawksmoor June 2023

Author of Mission Longshot – what happens when we send our best and brightest to another planet to save mankind. Could we save them if things went wrong?

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The Hunting of genie Magee

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