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Welcome to this 2018 edition of Hackwriters. Read our amazing archives. 19 years on-line, 7500+ articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the links.
We are in archive mode right now and taking submissions again for a brief period but Euro data regulations may close us down.

Sam Editorial: May 2018

Currently I am spending everyday at St Thomas' hospital in London visiting my sister Jane who is in danger of ending her days. A hole in the bowel, plus obstruction by a massive hernia and she hasn't eaten since May 1st. Her children flew in and are crossing fingers they find a solution for her but it isn't easy confronting one's mortality and how it impacts upon others. My sister Sara has a prayer group up and running and intravenous antibiotics are being poured in but neither are quite doing the job at the moment. It is uncomfortable to watch but devastating for my sister who had so many plans for the future. I hope they can still happen.

*Under European data regulations we have to compliant by May 25th. As anyone knows who reads Hackwriters we never send out emails or give out personal details unless the writer offers a link to their own website, blog or whatever. Nevertheless I doubt I can retrospectively amend the 7500 + articles to be compliant - so if we vanish suddenly that will be why. A shame - a real piece of digital history will go with it. If you have an article you have written and want to keep, now's the time to search for it and copy. After that it's anyones guess.


Well we had the brief romance between Trump and Macron at the White House and it was much like a gorilla circling a possible mate and all the more wincing for that–unless you like blood sports I guess. Then I’m guessing Mrs. Merkel a day later did all she could to avoid holding his hand unless he’d promised to wash it ten times first.  Now we have news that Trump is going to visit the UK on July 13th 2018. The security services have hit the panic button and every revolutionary in the world has blocked book all the hotels and tear gas goggles. Time to spend some time away from the UK I think for July. Now Rudy Giuliani has muddied the waters re Stormy Daniels and Trump is proven (yet again) to be a liar. James Campion has something to say about the ex-mayor of NYC is this months edition.

We had local elections in the UK last week and although Labour consolidated its power in London everything stayed pretty much the same with Labour running the most councils in the UK but there was a bounce for the pro-EU Liberals in Richmond and Kingston, a very Remain area. It probably doesn't tell us much about any future general election (which is technically four years away) but looking at the electorial maps by political groupings - it seems to me that Labour win in almost every place one might not choose to actually live in. Quite why say people still turn out to vote for a Labour council in Sheffield when they are busy destroying all their trees beats me, or Birmingham where they didn't collect the garbage for around 23 months, but there you go - perhaps people just vote from habit and don't make a connection between what goes on around them - the potholes that get bigger and bigger in our neglected roads mirroring the size of council leaders over-inflated salaries and party politics. Perhaps we're all a bit blind and we don't connect the dots.

Nevertheless the UK is in a political mess and there is no way forward or back. Both major parties want Brexit for their own reasons and the EU seems bent on making sure it is ruinous.  Democracy suffers in times like these and despots sound reasonable.  It’s happening in Turkey and you can almost print the result before the vote. 99% for El Presidente.

For Democracy to work, the politicians have to engage with the people and take them along with them.  This is not happening in the USA or UK and many other countries. Dangerous times beget violent times.  The loudest voices of unreason are magnified by social media and it seems no one can tell the difference between fake news and real anymore.  A friend believes everything she hears on RT the Russian fake news channel and it makes one want to spew to hear falsehood spun as truth.  What to do about it?  Ban RT or place her under a channel switching restraining order.  Not sure which is easier to do.

Ask how many of your friends read a quality newspaper anymore or the news.  Almost none of mine do anymore and they think I’m odd for doing so.  ALL their news comes from social media and they don’t seem to question sources.  I worry about this a lot but I suspect they don’t and therein lays the problem.

Here we are in May and Hackwriters is still here until we have to go https and then it all might vanish who knows?  Still accepting the odd story or article or two as I search for a new home and life.  It’s harder than you think.

© Sam North – Editor May 15th 2018
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Meanwhile there's still tons to read in our archives - and it's well worth exploring. You never know what you will find.

Happy May readers

Do explore our archives - there is bound to be something you'd enjoy and want to share with someone.

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