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Welcome to this September 2019 edition of Hackwriters. 20 years on-line, 7600+ articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the links.
PS we are mainly in archive mode now with sporadic updates.
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Barricades Editorial: September
*Proroguing is not to be confused with Perogies, which is some horrid concoction of mashed potato and cheddar cheese popular in Canada, the Ukraine and Poland.

A Constitutional Crisis - updated 24.September. 11am

Constitutional - It’s quite a mouthful isn’t it.  What it boils down to is that someone, in this case Boris Johnson, the PM of the UK has finally made a decision to honour the vote to leave Europe. This is something Parliament has refused to do for three whole years, despite people voting for it by a slim majority in 2016.

Of course I wish they hadn’t.  It was a monumentally stupid thing to do and could possibly wreck the UK economy.  But the fact is, they did vote to leave and because parliament, for whatever reason, couldn’t stomach the reality of it, or the deal negotiated by Theresa May (ex PM), which by all accounts was a very bad deal, the UK has been in paralysis for three whole years with virtually no other business being done.

It is a crisis, but unconstitutional? It seems it was.   For the uninitiated proroguing parliament is a procedure when a new prime minister is elected.  It simply means political business is suspended until the next Queen's speech, which sets out the new Government’s forward agenda.  That this is for five weeks is simply because it encompasses the conference season when parliament would normally be closed anyway.  The fuss is because it gives the enemies of the government (of which there are many) less time for gunpowder plots than they would have had otherwise. And much plotting is going on with sit-ins proposed in the House of Commons and a barrage of legal challenges. Even ex- PM John Major joined Gina Miller's Rebel Alliance to fight the Death Star. It is getting a little emotional. The ghost of Tony Blair pleading with Corbyn not to fall into elephant traps adds colour to the whole thing.

How will it all turn out? You might ask. It was illegal.

Well now we know. And like Bobby in the shower (for old Dallas fans) proroguing never happened. The Queen was lied to and the political fallout will be immense - even paving the way for a Corbyn Government. God help us all. All eleven supreme justices have agreed - Boris acted illegally.

Well one scenario is that now they will call a vote of no confidence in the Government and if passed, the Marxist opposition led by Corbyn will try to form a government of their own.  Alternately they will attempt to sieze Parliament from the Government (with the speakers help) and pass a law to extend the extension until January 2020 to force the PM to negotiate with Europe. If Boris Johnson loses that vote he will try again to call an election that could fall as early as October 31st or possibly November 7th (a few days after we leave Europe).  I suspect that leaver voters will be so angry if we don't leave or there is an extension to Article 50, they will turn out for the Brexit party en masse (run by evil demagogue Nigel Farage) and unintentially deliver Corbyn a majority. At one second after the declaration of a Corbyn victory all the big money will leave the UK before he can be sworn in (It is quite possible much of it has left already). We will then be living in a bankrupt country.
**There will be quite a choice of effigies on Nov 5th Guy Fawkes night don't you think. Hammond, Gawke on one side, Farage, Boris and Cummings on the other.

Even another scenario is bloody civil war, which we haven’t had in the UK for around four hundred years (1642-1651).  I cannot predict the outcome of that, as the people with weapons tend to be drug dealers in their black BMWs vs. farmers and sporting shooters in easy to spot Land Rovers.  No one is quite sure which side these people will be on. Add several million kids with knives and it could be pretty unpleasant. The first signs of that will be Momentum organising hundreds of thousands on the streets of Britain to protest and riot screaming 'Stop the Coup' and make the UK ungovernable. The irony being that Momentum itself (the thing that has captured the Labour party) is anti-democratic and once in power will do their best to ensure elections (should they ever hold them) always produce the 'right' result. Much like their patron Mr Putin arranges things.

The measure of anger is taken from actor Stephen Fry, "Weep for Britain. A sick, cynical brutal and horribly dangerous coup d'etat. Children playing with matches but spitefully not accidentally: gleefully torching an ancient democracy and any tattered shreds of reputation or standing our poor country has left." Even the author Sir Philip Pullman has been suggesting Boris should be hung from a lampost. Although he has now deleted his tweet, it is nevertheless revealing. So if things get out of hand and the House of Commons or No 10 accidentally burns - I hope they'll both chip in to rebuild it. A wee note for the rebels - the House of Commons is rife with asbestos, so do think about health and safety as you are marauding around London.

Will there be a happy ending?  Not a chance.

There will be No Deal from Europe because we are dealing with politicians not business people.  So we will quite possibly leave on October 31st, somewhat blood spattered and sailing into uncharted waters. Boris is determined about that. But then again if Corbyn wins - no one knows what he will do. One thing for sure, he doesn't want to remain, as then he wouldn't be able to nationalise everything. If you know a good fortune teller - book an appointment now.

The Times on August 29th asked:  What if we leave and it turns out all ok?  No doom, no gloom, investment carries on, life goes on, what will that do to our faith in economic forecasters and politicians who have been preaching plague of rats on every street in the land.  Of course it is in their interest to make sure we have a bad outcome, but if they take over, their Marxist policies and mass nationalisations will be the exact wrong cure for Brexit.

Expect tear gas…

© Sam Hawksmoor September 24th 2019
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