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Tabytha Towe- our Vancouver Girl

Here's this months ''issue'' of what may seem to be ever-so-exciting in Tabytha's' ever-so-exciting-life: So first it was about graduating, (in which I managed to complete successfully enough, then it was about getting my car, (in which I managed to succeed in driving,) and in between the two there were a few boyfriends, (in which, I was not so successful.)

Soon the time came that I needed a new job, seeing as I had gas to pay and no more boyfriends!? I have my many little goals I constantly try to keep up with from day to day, and there are also those goals that require a little more effort that I make from...well...every now and again. I still make the same new years resolutions from five years ago,however,this year I have decided to give up on them altogether.

Alas, after interview, after interview after-more-interviews, I received a couple of call backs, a whole of one call back actually. (Finding decent work in this day and age, it's like trying to find a decent man at a club.)

Turns out that the job I wanted was ready for me to come in and dominate the business---well not quite so, but I don't think they were as ready for me as they thought. I'm now a hostess/caterer at ‘The Boathouse’, the place for fine dining of seafood cuisine.

It's a convenient position for me. I like the restaurant industry - much more than goddamned retail, it's pretty close to my neighborhood and I get along with all the staff. It seems that at an end of a shift,everyone pours in to the lounge for staff discounts on beer and wine. That's probably the best part about it so far, sitting at the bar with a nice glass of wine, relaxing,watching the poor bartenders working their asses off while everyone else is off. The bartenders are really great.. They are always working. Our restaurants are all based by rivers or seas over looking the water. When the sunshine or moon light reflects into the restaurant it is absolutely beautiful. I've never been able to say that about any working environment, my previous jobs were rather dreary,ugggh!

I have a feeling this job will last me longer than 6 months for once, you know, I tend to rotate my employment so as to not despise my job,and I figure it puts some variation on my resume... I also plan on being punctual. I'm notoriously late for anything I set a time to. I just hate revolving around a clock, everything is too scheduled and there never seems to be a right amount of time to do something anyways. But we won't get into the politics of life by the hour right now.

As for my next monthly 'beneficial' goal,I have something along the lines of making more money in mind. I'm already looking at another job here for christsakes,very unlike me. I suppose it just goes to show the irony of ones lifestyle. Once you start making money in the first place, you just want to make more and more, it's ridiculous even.

Well that's it for me. I'm going to call it a night. Usually I'd be arranging plans for the nights events at this time, but I have work in the morning!?@#$%*

Oh well, I can handle going out tonight and still make it to work adequately enough tomorrow morning, what was I thinking? Tabytha the Sensible - will it last, will she crash and burn?

© Tabytha Towe 2001

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