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Welcome to this April 2019 edition of Hackwriters. 20 years on-line, 7600+ articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the links.
Once again celebrating Hello travel.com - Hackwriters Best Travel blog 2018

Editorial: Brexit, Death & Doctors

I guess one might expect that now would be a good time to reflect on Brexit.  But guess what – it’s too hard, too divisive, too crazy to make any sense of.  BST: Brexit Stress Trauma has set in.  I’m probably not alone in blaming my sleeplessness on it. No-Deal has been taken off the table by just one vote. Mrs May and opposition leader Mr Corbyn are locked in a probably fruitless meetings to find a way through to some kind of compromise. Meanwhile the Tories are angrily tearing themselves apart. My vote on the petition to revoke Article 50 has been ignored, as were the other six million + quite a few dubious ones I suspect. If I'm wrong, then hopefully you have an indicative plan to hand to solve everything. Didn't think so. I'm still praying we don't leave at all. Now here we are on Friday 12th and we haven't left and indeed have an extension until Halloween. (Someone has a sense of humour in Europe after all.) This gives us a chance to be rid of Mrs May, have an election and be shot of quite a lot of current MPs and also with luck decide to stay in. If we don't do this pretty quick all industry and banking and serices will have decamped to Europe or Singapore and we'll just be left with making potato chips - if there's anyone left to pick the spuds. Meanwhile Nigel Farage has formed another anti-europe political party 'Brexit' and hopes to have 70 foaming at the mouth MEPs sitting in Brussels by June. It's all craziness and driven by hatred. Not sure what the cure is though.

*I suspect there will be some bargains to be had shortly as everyone tries to get rid of their stockpiles. Pay attention to the Easter Sales!

I should discuss the fact that I had the PSA test (checking for cancer in the prostate) and it was ‘normal’ but all relief was tempered by the fact that The Times tells me that PSA is unreliable and prone to errors.  So my Doc is sending me for scans to make sure.  This is the doctor whom upon learning that I refuse to take statins (they killed my arm muscles) he stared at me and loudly said ‘You Will Die or, have a stroke and be incapacitated’. He then repeated it so people in the waiting room could hear it too.  ‘You are going to DIE. I can’t help you if you won’t take statins.’ I protested that I don’t smoke, I’m vegan. That has to count for something. He shook his head. ‘Diet has noting to do with the heart’.

Right then I knew I had to change doctors.  What is wrong with these people?  If you cut out fat from your diet you have to increase your chances of survival.  It stands to reason.  But British doctors know nothing about diet and are obsessed with dispensing pills for everything, perhaps because patients expect pills, even though they may have no effect whatsoever.  Will statins prolong my life?  Dr Greger from NutritionFacts.org suggests that statins might only increase your life by 3 mins overall.  I have read his ‘How Not to Die’ and I think that his advice is more valid that a Doctor who tells you ‘You’re going to Die’ with a glint in his eyes. A more vulnerable patient might have a very adverse reaction to such a remark. Diet and a sense of humanity are just not in the medical training manual it would seem.

Right now I’m painting walls, ceilings, banging things together as I restore a 1930’s house (read: money pit) and I figure that if I can do all this I’m being active enough to stay healthy, the only caveat being dying from paint fumes or the chemicals in it, which would be ironic I guess.  Or brick dust.  So much brick dust was pouring out of my front door last weekend as we made an opening for a new door that my neighbour called the fire brigade!  Amusing, but probably annoying for the fire department.

I’ll close with this worry.  There are warnings now that drinking a bottle of wine a week is equal to smoking six cigarettes.  Did it cause me to pause before I poured my five o’clock glass of Shiraz.  Er - no.  I suspect all the paint fumes, brick dust, silicone sealant are equivalent to 500 cigarettes and I’ll pay a price later. I note few of the workmen who come here wear masks and scoff at health and safety. In the end I guess they might be right, pegging it whilst drinking a decent glass of wine has to be better than drinking nothing at all.

Do explore this month's issue. James Campion is worked up about the New Jersey Governor not fulfilling an election pledge, James Skinner has decided women will be the deciding factor in the upcoming Spanish elections ...first reactions to the Mueller report Mueller 2 and living in a Minivan has its downsides says Jenny Garman... then there's Earth Day looming April 22nd

© Sam North April 13th 2019
PS Taking a few days off now for Easter. Catch you all later.

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