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APRIL 2014
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Istanbul, (not Constantinople)
Keeley Graham

This time last month I was wandering carefree through the stalls of the sprawling Grand Bazaar in the very centre of Turkey’s coolest city, Istanbul.
The George Enescu Music Festival -
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

The George Enescu Festival was started in 1958 to honour Enescu, Romania's greatest composer, violinist and conductor...
Help Me, Ronda (Espana)
John M. Edwards

This improbably fantastic cliff-side nest persists on the Quixotic verge of imagination, much like waking up inside a Magic Realism novel
Fred W Wilson

This city isn’t for the weak and faint of heart. You slip up it can and will eat you alive.

Wake up in Mauritius
Charlotte Chorley

Plan your escape now

Bundy Bundy Ranch Solution:
Free-For-All in Nevada
James Campion

Right now this scofflaw has been sitting on miles of my land; American taxpayer…I. That’s right. Squatter. Freeloader. Welfare King.
Desperate Democrats Lowball Strategy
James Campion

The Paycheck Fairness Act, a desperate attempt at useless legislation that has no chance of becoming law, but will make Republicans appear anti-woman.
Money, Corruption & The Free Thinker Principle
James Campion

This week the Supreme Court further removed the shackles for wealthy donors to contribute as much as they wish for political candidates,
A lifetime under a flyover - The invisible life of the homeless in Mumbai - Shivaji Das
There are slums in Mumbai and then there are slums, and then there are the homeless, a word that seems too benign for their condition.
Indian Economics
Shubhi S.

No matter who forms the government they will undergo a lot of pressure to bring about some changes in the present economic state of the country

Deport Everyone
Dean Borok

If they’re going to deport people for driving offenses, that’s going to have to include everybody.
Shadow Facts

Thomas N. Hackney

One of the most telling indications of intelligent design in Peekskill meteor/impact event is seen in the impact itself...
Charles Addams Family Values
John M Edwards

In Westfield, New Jersey, I finally found the manse of cartoonist Charles Addams, probably The New Yorker’s most famous and fiendish cartoonist...
Eating Indian at Indian Oven Nebraska, Omaha
Marianne de Nazareth
It's much more Indian than the paisley 'tikka' on the I of the logo of the name Indian Oven, or the antique artefacts that grace its sweeping walls

A True Statesman
James Skinner on Sr Adolfo Suarez

Who was this Spanish political figure that most of Europe had forgotten about including a great deal of today’s young Spanish generations?

REVIEWS Film & Books

Love and a pinch of nicotine
Suvojit Banerjee

The city is silent tonight. Not asleep, but like a huntress, she prowls me. My footsteps on the pitch road are accompanied by occasional heavy breathing, rustling of the leaves in the dry, cold breeze, and a callous noise of a passing vehicle, breaking the rhythm of it all
The Bad Neighbor
Martin Green

Frank Mancuso was awakened by a noise from outside.   He sat up in bed. “What the hell is that?”
April Fools’ Day
Michelle D’costa

You know you are damned if your family follows every single freaking special DAY of the year
Oswaldo Jimenez

There wasn’t a day when Alice didn’t get up before her alarm clock went off. Alice was what people call a morning person. Mornings were magical to Alice for many reasons

• Marcel D’Agneau
interviews Sam Hawksmoor as the third and final volume of The Repossession trilogy is published - April 2014
On disability
Abigail George

Most of all out of anything in this world I want to become a better poet, a better woman, kinder, a better mother-figure. Odd that I feel maternal.
The Honeymooners
Chris Castle

A month after his fiancé died, Kai started to make the phone-calls. He rang the people he knew first; the caterer, the florist and explained what had happened. The first call had been a mess, the second and third not much better.

Director: Neil Burger

Divergent is actually better than the book. It takes its time to develop the characters and its all the better for that.
Voodoo, Slaves & White Man's Graves
by Tom Coote
Sam North review

If you ever fantasised about flying to West Africa and exploring all its charms - read Voodoo, Slaves and White's Man Graves first. You may well alter your plans.
Dog Days by Andrew Thompson
Tales From an American Road Trip

Truth be told, anyone even thinking about taking a trip around American on a Discovery Pass should read this and hire a car immediately.
Hate by Allan Gibbons
Published April 2014
Alan Gibbons understands school life very well and all the seething tensions that affect everyone in it.
Going Home by Cliff McNish
Published April 2014
Talking dogs usually inhabit cartoons. They’re cute and kids love ‘em. Ugly, difficult, unwanted talking dogs is a totally different thing entirely. 

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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