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The Hunting
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Welcome to this August edition of Hackwriters and hope you'll stay to look around. Read us and review the amazing archives too. 14 years on-line and 7253 articles - reviews - stories - destinations. Find something you like share it on Twitter or Facebook or Linked In or.... Next edition September 1st

When great neices and nephews come to call. What to do with the kids? Well we found a working windmill in Waltham. Six working sails, still grinds corn and makes flour! Sometimes is just great to go out there and find a landmark and discover things.
windmill Waltham Windmill Lincolnshire

Tom & Dom

Just for the record after serious considerion of at least thirty seconds I jumped off the Twitter bandwagon. Amazing how much less stressful life is without it. Try it. Reclaim your life. Considering dropping all social media. If I can't actually go to the pub or coffee shop with someone on my list, then maybe they aren't really there? Just thinking out loud here.

Shock horror - Mugabe stole the election again! Is anyone surprised? Maybe the MDC can call in the Egyptian army to help? So sad that Africa continues this practice of mock elections to keep a greedy kleptomanic in power. Do not be surprised that when he eventually dies he will still rule from an embalmed pedestal in Harare. Still it is amazing how little fuss has been made about it. I guess all the politicians and pundits that stir the pot to make us all so discontented are all on vacation. Good to see that the MDC are challenging the results in court. Good luck with that!


Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

When old girlfriends come to call a wave of emotions ploughs before them, rolling in from the deep.  What is she like now?  Or worse, God, what am I like!  Older, fatter, grumpier to be sure.  What has she been doing?  What the hell have I been doing?
‘Oh and I’m bringing my son, Enzo.’

Son?  Oh yeah, I remember something about a baby.  God how long ago was that?  Hmm...

22 years is a long time not to see someone.  It isn’t as if there hasn’t been an invitation, but Martinique is hard to get to and well, y’know… one can invent a thousand excuses.  But she never forgets my birthday. 
‘Another year OLDER, Sam’.

East Coast Line running 40 minutes late (sun melting the line).
And there’s Enzo and no mistaking Karine, she has ‘hair, a great deal of it. Suitcase just slightly bigger than my car.
All smiles. 22 years is no barrier at all.  She’s just happy the journey is done.  Little does she know there’s an hour and half of driving – but no worries time to catch up.
It's funny what doesn’t get asked. But there's no awkwardness at all. Just like I saw her last week which is great.

She’s looking forward to dinner.  I volunteer to cook a curry but Enzo wants fish and chips.  Sadly it’s Tuesday. (Never have fish and chips on a Tuesday and the greasy mess that unfolds from the paper wrappers isn’t attractive).  Luckily the wine is good. (Secret - the best wine comes from Aldi, don’t tell anyone).

We talk. Enzo discovers the swimming pool next door and he’s taken care of.
We walk on the beach and the tide even comes in a little (it’s pretty reluctant in these parts).  Enzo likes the shells.

The next day Enzo is back in the swimming pool.  I’d planned all kinds of things. Lunch at the Café Paris, a stroll on the better beach, but er there's a slight problem when the police are called. Seems you can’t abandon a seven-year-old French kid in the swimming pool for several hours unsupervised.  Oops.  We ‘mollycoddle’ in the UK, Karine mutters.  In Martinique he can swim as long as he likes totally unsupervised.
Luckily all is calm by lunch.
Enzo doesn’t eat salad.  Not even on hot days.  Turn it into a ‘jambon’ and he’s fine with it.  It’s all in a word it seems. I discover that they import fish from France to Martinique. That's is totally crazy. They use the Euro there and the cost of living is apparently much higher than France. Twenty two years ago I am sure we never once discussed the cost of living or politics. We're grown ups now. Boring.

Afternoon nostalgia in Louth.  Visiting the Grammar school where she taught French as part of her teaching degree. I met her at a fashion show in the town hall. Now we wandered the town and she discovered it was 'small'; in her memory it was much bigger. Then dragging a reluctant Enzo away from the swings and climbing frame ….

A quick visit to Lincoln Cathedral (Enzo wants to see a Castle, but sadly Lincoln Castle is just a wall really – kids aren’t so impressed by walls.) Lincoln mysteriously empty of people.
Finally back to the train.

Should have been a longer visit – but she’s been here at last, shown off her handsome son and now she’ll on her way to Paris and then back to her island. (Six hours on a National Coach from Victoria Coach Station to Paris - rather her than me). There's a promise to return for a longer visit.

There’s an affection there between us, more for a time and place in our lives really.  Two people who aren’t the same anymore and both not quite achieved what they set out to do, but an interest in seeing life through.
‘But I have a beautiful son,’ Karine smiles with triumph, as she makes her way to the London bound train. ‘You don’t even have a dog!’

Can’t argue with that.
The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor won Bronze at the Amazing Book Awards (Sussex) + (*Joint Winner of The Wirral 'Paperback of the Year' 2013) . The good news is that The Repossession and The Hunting are coming out in Canada on September 3rd - so time for him to plan a trip home (looks like October). He’s got the paperback of Repercussions out now too - (Amazon best bet for ordering world-wide except Canada where Kindle only).

© Sam North & Sam Hawksmoor   Joint Editors August 2013

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Sam Hawksmoor Bronze winner of the ABA award, & Joint Winner of The Wirral 'Paperback of the Year' 2013

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