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Welcome - The International Writers Magazine - January 2008 writing from across the globe.

Many thanks to our writers across the world for making December such a brilliant issue.
We will be back in harness in January, building a new issue now.

What will 2008 bring? Recession, most likely, or as they say in finance circles - a correction. So now is a good time to mend your credit, figure out a plan to reduce debt and maybe think about retraining or doing an MA or something so that you will be ready when the next upturn comes. Plan ahead. Start that health regime you wanted to do a year ago but never got around to. Find the person you want to settle down with. That too is a good idea. Or quit whatever your doing that you hate. (Sadly that's around 90% percent of jobs). But at least talk it over with someone first. Sometimes you don't know what you want out of life until you actually talk it out with a pal. That's my tip for 2008. If you are going to make a change, make it the right one. *Hope you got started on this. Stock market is already in meltdown so think hard about what you can do to spend less.

Survival may well be the watchword of the year. I'm still rooting for Obama to save the world. Lets see what happens in South Carolina. The battle between him and Hillary is exciting and it must be great to have a real choice in American politics. Maybe if Obamba doesn't win he'll come here and save us from the glum depressing dictatorship of Gordon Brown.

Kit and I just returned from Belgium and cold nights in a huge Chateau with a moat and everything. People live well in Belgium and the roads are brilliant. Food's pretty good too. If you are looking for an unsual destination for a city break we recommend Namur (Namen) a small city with two rivers and a Castle.

One thing catches you surprise as you drive across the country. The names are strangely familiar. Waterloo for example. No not the station, the battle and you realise that it is here that the perfidious English lie dead under the soil. From the Napoleonic wars onwards, (Check out your Vanity Fair and the battles Becky Sharpe followed, read too about the magic that helped Wellington to victory around here in Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrel.) At every turn there is a reminder about death and each little village seems to have a Chateau with moat and a history of fear and marauding soldiers. History can enliven your journey. Take the Chateau, think of if being overrun by Germans in 1916 and the cellar being raided. (The cellar is bigger than my house) and again in 1941 occupied by the Nazi's, the cellar door kicked in again and totured bodies buried in the woods. They, like the previous invaders, were not interested in the piles of 16th century manuscripts that remarkably remain untouched.

We have been so lucky in the UK never to be 'occupied'. I wonder how we would have coped? The film 'It Happened Here' told that story, as did the novel SS-GB. But I remain happy that it is fiction and we remain untested in that matter.

Now read this months magazine. Growing daily. Travel, Politics, Reviews, new Fiction. Practically the only magazine you need - celebrity free and written by people with real lives. Best of the season to you.

© Sam North - Editor
Jan 21st 200


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