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Oct 2022

Welcome to this Oct 2022 edition of Hackwriters. 23 years on-line, 7893+ articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on.

Nov 8th 2022

Editorial: Is this the Endgame? radioactive

We live in interesting times... PM Liz Truss looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights and inspires no one - the pound is vulnerable and political turmoil rules. The war against Ukraine becomes yet more brutal - a big moment of danger for the world perhaps. Worse, Putin hired the Butcher of Syria to head up his army.

Putin has already destabilised the entire world economy with his invasion of Ukraine and now he threatens to murder millions in Ukraine with ‘limited use’ nuclear missiles to get his own way.  He is grabbing his own people off the street to fight and even the most stupid person within his inner circle must know that an unmotivated army does not win wars. There was an in interesting article in The Atlantic Magazine about Putin's potential use of nuclear weapons and the West's response. Either way, it leads to total despair. There is no such thing as limited nuclear war ...

We don’t know how the West will respond if he pulls the trigger. Do our leaders ignore it? Admit they won’t actually commit to defending Ukraine? Macon has admitted as much today. (Germany in particular has promised much and delivered very little yet, France is just as guilty). If radioactive clouds drift over Germany will they roll over or decide that Russia needs to be dealt with? Poland will be most at risk but you need a united NATO response to be effective. Any dithering and Putin could press his advantage and decide to take back ‘his’ Germany, Poland and the Baltic’s. Once you throw one nuke and no one fights back, why not go the whole way?

Only France and the UK possess nukes in Europe and I’m guessing as France won't use them the UK will not want to go it alone.   The big issue will be if Biden wants to save Europe again?  He may not be able to if the Republican’s win back the House and Senate in the Midterms.  Trump and Putin are best of pal’s, right?

This is a fork in the road of history moment.  Will China really come in on Russia’s side if he plays the nuke card? The USA would have to boycott all Chinese trade if they do.  Or do they grab Taiwan whilst the USA is distracted?  What will India do?  Continue to trade with Russia most likely.

If you were Ukrainian right now it must be galling to see all those Russian lovers lining up to grab Russian passports in the Donbas and other regions in the ‘referendum’. But be cheered by taking back the City of Lyman the day after Putin annexed the regions. May they continue to have success.

No one knows how this will end.  It is already a cold winter in Russia and Ukraine. Putin is hoping Europe will experience a big freeze to break their resolve as they run out of gas and oil.  It’s kind of wierd that Putin backed the Fascists to win in Italy but bombs the ‘so called’ fascists in Ukraine – which clearly they are not.  Nothing makes sense – maybe it’s not supposed to.

It’s ironic. I came into the world believing for the first fifteen years of my life that WW3 would start at anytime as atomic bomb laden Vulcan and Victor Bombers circled the playing fields around my school.  Now I might be going out waiting for another end of the world moment.  Then, as now, I know only one thing – it won’t be worth surviving.

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© Sam Hawksmoor - Editor - October 2022

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Walli Leff on Goodreads.

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