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Welcome to this September edition of Hackwriters. Read us and our amazing archives too. 18 years on-line, 7448 articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the links.
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Teaching begins again on the 25th of September. As ever with the institution I work for I await a contract. For those concerned that the UK couldn't negotiate it's way out of a paper bag, let alone Brexit, I have news for you, we can't, we won't and it will be a disaster. Administration is just not part of the UK DNA anymore. I will turn up Monday and press my finger to the wind and hope for the best. Just like Theresa May in Florence, finger to the wind on a hope and prayer that it all doesn't crumble to dust. (Brexit, not Florence that is).

Here's an idea. Let’s declare September a Trump free month. If we ignore him – perhaps he will go away.  Some chance hey.  But give it a try. Every time he comes on TV- switch stations. Skip all the pages in every newspaper about him everyday.  Think of it as a moral duty to rid your mind of unpleasant thoughts.  You will find that your blood pressure will start to fall, the tension in your neck will ease and you will cease to have indigestion at every meal.  Give it a month and if it works, give it three years…

Seeing all the images of destruction from the British Virgin Islands, Cuba and others, not to mention the Keys in Florida from Hurricane Irma made me dig out my own experiences of Hurricanes in Florida. Kit and I were in Miami in 1999 when Irene hit. It wasn't a picnic and I'm amazed we survived really. You never forget it that's for sure.

Need some fun before I start treatment for skin cancer.  I just know they are going to find more things to dig out  - once this stuff starts it’s an ongoing process.  Still it’s the least bad cancer right?  My sister Sara says positive thinking can cure anything.  Not really found that, but she’d just says I’m just not positive enough.  Of course I’d rather not be waiting 10 weeks or longer to get treatment, but there’s quite a backlog in this area and it can only get worse as all the boomers start to deteriorate and bits fall off.  I’m remembering ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They’ a Sydney Pollack movie starring Jane Fonda and Michael Sarrazin.  No nothing to do with the depression era subject of the movie, but I do wonder how society is going to cope with millions of old people going forward. According to Ian King in The Times 24.08.17, the cost of state pensions in the UK could be £128 Billion by 2028. Healthcare will be rationed. For those who cannot afford expensive care homes, or dealing with the many ailments that come with ageing – it’s going to be such a financial burden on society it could overwhelm it.  Perhaps the Japanese have it right by developing Ai Robots to service the old (but can they turn them over, feed them or make beds?)  So the message is – stay fit and healthy for as long as you can, avoid all meat and dairy and keep the mind busy.
It’s that or Soylent Green…

And congrats to James Campion our regular US correspondent - 20 years before the Masthead completed and he's just getting started. Nice to have Walli Leff back with us and she's throwing a hatchet in New Jersey...

*I'd like see if I can find someone to buy/take over Hackwriters - it's time someone younger with a good sense of design and an aversion to Trump took over. 18 years running a magazine is a long time. Contact me if interested.

© Sam North September 2017
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