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Michael Connelly's 'Chasing the Dime'

Alex Grant on Crime Fiction

Crime novelist Michael Connelly [BLOOD WORK/CITY OF BONES] has fashioned several ‘Harry Bosch’ and ‘Terry McCaleb’ novels of distinction and ingenuity. He also went out on a limb with VOID MOON that featured a female protagonist.Versatile beyond the usual limitations of pulp genre fictioneers Connelly has made a hasty pudding of his latest opus. No doubt the obligation of meeting deadlines and fulfilling contracts played a part in this superficial and superfluous "hi-tech/’tec." Misnomer of a mystery.

His latest book CHASING THE DIME is clogged with ‘expository lumps’ – the accumulation of facts per se concerning a new organic or biological breakthrough for energizing minuscule computers – that curtail the narrative flow and when combined with an entirely unsympathetic ‘hero’ : one "Henry Pierce" a chemistry whiz-kid now ageing floridly : we have the least effective thriller so far penned by Connelly.

It is sappy and lacks the courage to take a hammerlock plot of conspiracy and cyberporn-sex-"dating" to its logical extreme. The thrust of CHASING THE DIME should’ve left Henry dangling or behind bars with a juicy sequel in the wings. Our hero would have earned a thoroughly deserved comeuppance in the slammer and would have got in touch with his soul……


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