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NOVUS THEATRE presents Final Draught
(a night of beer and scripts)
Hosted by Kennedy Goodkey, Matthew Harrison,
Peter New and Maryth Gilroy

A night of script readings - a little different from either the Cold Reading Series, or Alibi Unplugged

Each night we have a critical panel which engages in a brief discussion of each piece presented in the evening. We cast parts cold, but where possible and where desired by the writer, parts are pre-cast and readers have an opportunity to read the script in advance of the evening.

Oh, and we have bar service, of course, ergo the moniker, Final Draught . While excerpts of scripts are welcome, we embrace all lengths of scripts - so each night will feature either a set of short works or one complete script, depending on what is available for presentation.
We are also putting together a casting binder so bring your headshot and resume or mail it to us at Novus Theatre, #2 - 1425 Haro Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 1G2.

WHEN? Monday Nights Doors open at 7- Cold casting begins as soon as we can afterwards Readings start at 8
WHERE? Clickers on Coal Harbour at the VERY base of Denman, North of Georgia, on the water WHY?
In response to a sentiment that it's too bad that the Cold Reading Series ends when Summer does, an alternative for the Winter is here!

HOW MUCH? FREE! ABSOLUTELY FREE! (although we do have a donation jar) If you want to be a reader or be on the critical panel, or if you have a piece you'd like read, email us at


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