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Welcome - June 2004 Issue - The International Writers Magazine

Summer Edition

In this months magazine:
Antonio Graceffo on travel writing, Ernest Hemingway and on becoming a martial arts movie star in Cambodia!
James Campion taking the political pulse of America
John Duerden on how being Korean is suddenly 'cool'.

Rev Antonio Hernandez on Buddah versus Noah and how the Catholic church is meddling in the US election
Clive Branson on pondlife in Ottawa and other stories whilst Tolu Ogunlesi discusses what it is makes one an 'adult'.
James Skinner on Princesses and terror, but not in that order - whilst Fred Pattison discovers that terror begins at the US Border.

In Hacktreks travel Kathy Sharrad reveals the Jade Sea in Africa whilst Marie Olson shows us a different more violent Nepal. Sara Towe meanwhile is sailing to Alaska...
In our Dreamscapes fiction Brodie Parker is continuing with his exciting on-line novel 'The Great Beyond', Will Carpenter is having an identity crisis and Bill Moake gives us a tale of film noir in Hawaii with Ruby Moon.
Meanwhile Phil Mershon discusses the politics of boredom and G David Schwartz has found the lost books of the bible. Dan Schneider catches up on Y Tu Mama Tambien and Lost in Translation
And Sam watches Day After Tomorrow and Harry Potter.
Hackwriters an international cornucopia of exciting writing

Editorial: June - Orwellian Times

Life is about priorities. Whilst many are trying to figure out how to survive without Friends, Frasier, 24 and whatever else has finally come to a shuddering halt on TV; in another part of the world a few million people are wondering when the Americans will finally admit defeat and quit Iraq.

Nearly 1000 US and British soldiers dead, possibly as many as 10,000 Iraqis - this really is George Orwell's future come true. 'Peace is War' is GW Bush and Dick Cheney's mantra and the body bags are shipped home daily but they try to hide the pictures from the American public. Sometimes people make mistakes. The best thing you can do is admit it, move on. This is not an administration that knows how to say sorry. Kill and maim innocent people in Iraqi jails is suddenly 'unamerican' but it's OK in Guantanamo, where that other 'newspeak' applys. 'No rule of law for 'evildoers'. Liberation equals oppression.
Sometimes it good to recognise that we can, by overreaction create and multipy our enemies. Ask yourself is Israel a more peaceful place now, after Sharon has bulldozed hundreds of homes in Gaza (some with people inside them), or less. Creating new martyrs is no way to solve problems, either there or in Iraq or that other forgotten warzone Afghanistan. Let us hope that in Iraq this new Government in waiting will be accepted by the population as a whole and that the whole country rediscovers peace.

America is either the defender of 'peace' or the new world dictator. You either abide by the internationally accepted rules or you discover that, in fact, the current American administration is only equal to the worst that Mugabe in Zimbabwe can do. They torture people in North Korea too, but it doesn't make it right.

America is a society in denial. Not just with what their soldiers do when abroad, or their Immigration officals do in airports. (Travel to America from Europe is 30% down because of the appalling abuse some people are suffering at US airports
- I personally know two people now who have been manacled and held without reason or access to lawyers in the USA and refused entry for no reason at all. One such occasion is detailed in Hacks this month.)

Considering America is the de facto ruler of the world, it is an extraordinarily frightened place. Under constant terror alerts (which if you care to check your dog eared copy of 1984) is exactly how to keep Dictators in power, the Homeland security is ramping up every posssible enemy and taking lessons from McCarthy.
The population complain at gas prices at $2 bucks a gallon and rising fast following the recent attack in Saudi, but drive SUVs which are one: totally uncessary and two: get just 11 miles to the gallon. (In the UK we pay nearly $8 bucks a gallon!) Circles can't be squared.

Americans are regularlly lied to by Rumsfeld and pals and it is sad to see the one nation that has almost singlehanded ensured global peace since 1946 being led by such paranoid old men. Will they be gone in November. I'm a cynic. I believe America will vote for more of the same. This makes me worry. What will Cheney's next target be? What will happen to the US economy as they try to pay for this stupid war in Iraq. What will they cut to pay for it? Medicare? Pensions? Or will GW be like his father and be forced to raise taxes (after November of course.) Will Kerry find his voice? It is noted that at last he has begun spending on advertising in Virginia and other states? Or is there someone else, with a vision still to come? Where the hell is President Bartlett when we need him. For an informed US opinion on all this read the latest by James Campion on Kerry's chances in Georgetown Part Two

OK it's summer, who cares, the beach beckons, schools out, time to worry about this stuff in September.
So that's what we are going to do. We're going on haitus from the end of June until September.
After five years of continuous issues we need a break. Yes we will be back. No we won't respond to anything whilst we are gone. We're taking a break! Thanks for reading us and come back September.
If you missed anything, there are over 2100 choices in the archives to catch up on -travel stories, features, reviews, original fiction, first chapters, comment, it's amazing just how much is there, take a look. Enjoy.

I hope it's a more peaceful world in September, but don't count on it. Remember it is the year of the monkey, after all, much mischief ahead I think. See you September. Sell the SUV, you won't regret it.


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