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Andrea Moser
collects Bukowski reject slips
Old Fighting Men
Quentin Bates
in the tearoom
Over the hill
Quentin Bates
Icelandic mystery
'Thank you for driving carefully through our town...'
Grace -
A Texas girl remembered
Martin Green
The Decision
Martin Green on life choices
Street Spirit
Ben Gerhardt
Sometimes we regret
Afrique - l'heure bleue
Maja Hagborg
It's a Mutt's World
Nickolay Todorov

When dogs love chickens
People of the Ice and Snow
Caitlin Metland
When the white men come run
Dying Wish
Wesley Weyers -
heaven on earth
Echoes of a funeral drum
Mary Opaluwa
Baba and I were at the Lokongoma crossroads to perform the sacrifice which Noka’s life depended on
Damien- an exorcism
Tom Over -
life in Amsterdam
From The Horse's Mouth
Welsey Weyers
about a mugging
The Camel
Subimal Misra (translated by V Ramaswamy)
- trying to have the perfect dream?
Janel Atwork
Trust him?
Trains Doors Open
Joanna Valevich -
a missed opportunity?
Crossing into Death
Joanna Valevich
on an icy road
Emma's Dilemma
Lalita Kakanadan goes on-line to find a man
Friendship and College Days
David Tavernier
on finding girls
Parents on Good & Bad
David Tavernier

Dating Kate
Martin Green
on relationships
Brushstrokes with time
Steven Bush

Salvage Rights
Richard Corwin
in the Turk Islands
Anna J G Smith
on the ring that binds
Quentin Bates
The only time for a raid was a Sunday morning
Dead Sheep
Frances Lewis
The grass makes my feet itch
The Yellow Triangle
Michael Internicola
Hash and I cut through the fog coming into Barcelona
Wendy Metcalfe -
Kids go wild on Albert Street
Duncan Dicks - I thought she was out of my league
Under the Covers
Ali Shaw
- I had stopped sobbing now.

Jodie Corney
Kimberley Morgan is laughing too loudly at a joke
Fickle Finger
Colin Harris
on Gulf War One
Shomoy Duhshomoy
(Time, Bad Times)
Subimal Misra – Translated by V Ramaswamy

The Pringle Method
Martin Green
Crisis in the office
Uncle Pringle and the Witch’s Curse
Martin Green
“Are you all right?” she asked.
“Yeah, just another little accident.   They’ve been happening all this month.   It’s because I’ve been cursed.”
Old in His Own Way
Mike Blake
To make the same mistake twice is failure...

David Francis
You can’t be knocked into the middle of next week
Frederick and Millie
Alison Shaw -
A date for the Matinee
Paul Martin
Everything had been prepared at the Hospital Records Library months ahead of the chaos...
Making it
Mark Cunliffe
I’ll make it
The man was running, fast and hard, his heart in his mouth and his lungs ablaze, he tore through the undergrowth ignoring the long stinging nettles that attacked his entire frame...
Sheila Levin on marriage
There are, as Laura would put it, moments in time which are remembered with scrupulous precision.  The millions of housewives who were washing dishes when they heard the news bulletin that President Kennedy was shot can tell you the dish they were holding.
An Evening Out
Gina Robertson
Where does all the love go when someone dies? Mum said I was the best thing she ever did. I was loved with such a fierce burning love that sometimes I got scorched.
Elin's Legacy
Wendy Metcalfe
Making contact with a class one alien
After The Winter
Mike Blake
Clapton singing Have You Ever Loved a Woman in his head, a half pint of cheap vodka in his pocket; it’s all he needs to cap this hot Memorial Day weekend in his home town
Sons Martin Green
The first thing Paul's wife Sally said to him when he came through the door was, "Jack has another problem."
Congratulations - You Are a Winner!
Thomas Healy
Later than usual for work, Gus Chesney rushed out to his Subaru wagon and started to unlock the door when he noticed the left front tire...
Never Look Back
Footsteps falling on the icy ground. Shallow breaths echo round the air. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She had to run, had to hide, had to get away

Head Space: Green Fireplace
J.A. Billstrom
on edge in Vancouver
Clarity after a Rainfall

Lauren Almey

As he headed in her direction...
Lauren Almey at the empty fairground

Dave Burton

Night, Morning, Night
Lauren Almey
She had longed to believe in monsters...
Ebb Away
Lauren Almey on lovers torn apart
Worth a Hug

John Gorman

Understanding Bill
Alan Stokes

Stubblefield's Joke
Dan McClenaghan takes a ride

First Speech
Sam Barnes learns to talk

Zelda the Witch

Martin Green

Nightmare - Iraq Dreams

Gemma Williams
The Death of an Immigrant
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra

Life: A Hall of Mirrors
David C Card in the playground
Just Another Tourist
Bruce Pohlman in Bali
RRB on being a cricket
Away for the weekend
Alan Stokes with guitar solo
Rythm of the Waves
Jeffery Beyl - Malibu '72
An Interrupted Run
Marja Hagborg in the snow
Dem Bones
Jeani Rector does a little digging
That 'time' of year
Mike Blake on old postcards
Last Meeting
Martin Green closes the books
Japan (is Another Country)
Brian Wright
The Disaster Addict
Spencer Dew waits for dark times ahead
The Adventures of Foxman and Brodie
Brodie Parker out late on the streets

Travelling Mohan
Anushka Rao in Bangalore
Unobtrusive methods and inchoate designs
Richard Grayson on identity
The Rig Runner
Tom Sheehan on the truckers highway
A Cobbler's Tale
Christine Churcher
Out There
Alan Stokes
Sip the Night Away
Caitlin Metland on the dance floor
How will it end?
Wendell R. Mangibin
Harter Fell
Graham Attenborough on a mountain
Kate Webster: A good hanging
Graham Attenborough

I Love Kylie
Chris Miller
Getting Started
Martin Green
A Second Chance
Raymond K. Clement is all at sea
Raymond k Clement on Monhegan Island
The Man who got away
Martin Green
The Scavangers
Raymond Clement
The Oddballs
Mike Knowles
Family Pictures
Debralynn Fein- about survival
Letters from the Dead
Joseph Grant keeping the peace
The Little Things
Xara Higgs -the importance of a crystal duck
On a Plain far from here
Lauren Almey
Wedding Knot
Joseph Grant
Lost in Fiction
Mark Cunliffe
The Great Tennis Battle
Martin Green
Clare Sager
The Usher Woman
Clare Sager
In The Dark
Lauren Almey is hiding
The Kamping Fuhrer
John Edwards
The Old 88
Gerald Grant - a Sherlock Holmes adventure
Angry Words
James Ryder walks out
Johhny Gets his car
Jerry Billstrom
The Hungerton Dungeon - A Sherlock Holmes adventure
Gerald Grant
Mike Blake
Watching and waiting
The Twins
Richard Corwin
The Church
Benjamin Gerhardt

A soldier's return

Three Little Words
Lauren Almey
can't sleep
My Own Eureka Moment
Lauren Almey gets a grip
The Paperclip Counter
J Giles
with insights into business efficiency
Down to the Attic
M. Joseph Hunt

A Deadly Monday
Richard Corwin
Humiliation has it's own reward
Maggie Tiojakin
Why come home now? What was her name?
The Summer Job
Martin Green on the best of times
The Journey
Mark Cunliffe
some things in life remain with you for always
Blueberry Hill
Raymond K Clement goes picking berries
My First Love
Sidi Benzahra
Bus boy's have feelings too
The Money Tree by Subimal Misra
Translated by V Ramaswamy

Beggars come across a dead white donkey...
The Winged Ones by Joginder Paul
Translated from Urdu by V Ramaswamy
All’s well here. Best wishes for your honour’s well being. Writing a letter to his old friend Fazaldin
Writer's Block
Mark Cunliffe
in detention with Guy Block
Head on the Block
Mark Cunliffe -
Guy Block is in big trouble
Soviet Block -
man without trousers
Mark Cunliffe
Chips off the Block
Mark Cunliffe
- Guy has his turn with the twins
One in Eleven
Mathew Kaufman -
pick up in Soho
Three Men and a Gob of Spit
Peter Leonowitz
a bet too far
The Old Lady of San Pedro
G David Schwatz
on loss and madness
Train Confessions
Jeannie Mark
lost in thought
Summer of Sadness
Colin Todhunter
I couldn't hold on to her
Booboola- the black dog
Sidi Cherkawa Benzahra
good dog-bad dog
Memory Block
Mark Cunliffe
Jodie Louise -
contemplating suicide
Girl in a hole
Bex Wilks
has a mean brother
Crystal Moment
Tanya Hannah
on a lonely childhood
Please Mummy Don't
Eleanor Creed
about a doll
The Janitor and the Little Girl
Chapters One to Four 1.12.2006
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra

The Purple Rose of Baffins
Paul Martin
The Mirror and the Ghostwriter
John Whalen
buys a mirror
A Father's Promise
David Francis
misses his Pa
The Long Weekend
Ali Shaw
- No one would suspect a thing
Diane and the Doughnut
John Demetriou

F-Train - a literary journey
Mathew C Allison

Mind Block: Guy Block gets some libido therapy
Mark Cunliffe

Block Out
Mark Cunliffe
It was a crisp January morning at Trenton University.
All was normal
Block Party
Mark Cunliffe
Guy Block knew it was going to be a bad night out.

Stumbling Block
Mark Cunliffe
Guy Block hated tutorials.  
Loving and Leaving
Abi Davis

The night you left...

Appleby Fair
Frances Lewis

back to the family, he beams, and treads softly away

Devastation in the Nineties:
Take That Split
Sara Richardson
- My tale begins on the ominous day of Friday 13th February, 1996
The Solitary Hunter
Jessica Schnieder
"The sky is full of birds, and they are all dead..."
Antoinetta's Rosebush
Nickolay Todorov
Antoinetta resolved to stop herself from sneaking into the crematorium furnace and joining her dead husband Myrt
Dark-Eyed Sister
Paul Martin
She is gazing up at the night sky, her head cocked back at ninety degrees, watching the dark. It is eleven o’clock at night and she has gone out for a walk to clear her head
The Funeral Reunion
Quentin Bates
A scrum of hard-faced women cradling extra-long Superkings between taloned fingers crowded around the flowers while husbands and dads in sharp suits passed a pouch of baccy from hand to hand in the summer sunshine
Uncle and the Kid
Mike Blake

When his nephew was younger, the uncle found it easy to do things with him. It wasn’t difficult to get the kid’s interest up in things, get him excited, and make him laugh. It seemed that the kid was game for just about anything with his favorite uncle. Whatever they did turned out to be fun
No Wonder
Josh Flyr and one household animal
The Dreaded Christmas Office Party

Xara Higgs

Xara Higgs got that razzamatazz

Next Year
Lauren Lifari

White Sands
Vincent Lowry
Father and Son farewell
The Human Spirit
- is capable of anything
Joshua Lineberry
Stone Cold in the staffroom
Alan Stokes
Alan Stokes on happy families
Timothy P Waldron - a story about identity
Vodka, Wine, Milk
Mary Wilson on couples
The Real Heroes of the Pacific
Judy Radano
On Self Destruct
Alan Stokes
Take it or Leave it
Alan Stokes

Form Follows Function
Dorothee Lang
Rag Castle
Kevin Schofield
*warning an adult content ghost story
A Vacant Lot
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra - a Moroccan story
The Gourmet Chef
H G Dowdell
The Office Patsy
Martin Green
The Mother who chained up her son
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra on lost sheep
Obey Thy Grandfather?
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra
Jean S Brown on hero worship
Cat's Paw
Maja Hagborg
A way to lose your Coat
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra
Mustapha the Sheep
Sidi Benzahra
A Well Ordered Life
Martin Green
Sausalito Revisited
Martin Green
A travel story from the word go
Tom Sheehan
Driving on the Sausage Run
Tom Sheehan
In Order to Forget
Diana Hurlbut
26th Avenue
Diana Hurlbut finds a crack in the city
First Day at School
Chris Churcher
Devil You know and the Devil you don't
Ryan Moore
The Tennis Season
Martin Green in a doubles match
Tom Donoghue
Hot Baby Blue: Something More
one afternoon- Ryan J Moore
Squat Party
Graham Attenborough throws a party
Graham Attenborough
The Long Miles
Ryan Moore is running
Squirrel of Death - A true story?
Evil Squirel v Man
Life With the Bradstones
Antonio Hernandez- robots have lives too...

The Future
Victor Manley in the dark
Who's buying the rock?
Alan Stokes
Alan Stokes
I sleep in a squat
Punkerslut gets a job
Gladys and Bruno
Richard Corwin with circus follies
Crowd Pleaser
Richard Corwin
Sorry it's like this
Mark Cunliffe in the gangster café
Richard Corwin on the battlefield
The Playing Field
Gemma Roxy Williams is death
The Collector
Richard Corwin
wonders if he should call in sick

Nobody's Child
Joseph Grant with a moral tale of abuse
Mark Cunliffe
Parmesan Elephants
Mark Culiffe - a love story in four parts
Jo Green - a memory from Malaysia
A Deadly Monday
Richard Corwin
Humiliation has it's own reward

The Journey
Mark Cunliffe on growing up in Manchester

Sexual Block: Guy Block gets some therapy
Mark Cunliffe

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