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Order The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Smart, dark and graceful,
this story is sure to
send chills down your spine

Evie Seo - Bookish Blog

Read the sequel:
The Hunting out now

The International Writer's Magazine: October 2012
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Lake Reflections
Tyrel Nelson

I exit the hardware store with new work gloves in hand. I immediately slip them over my numbing fingers. The wind of the gloomy February afternoon picks up as I hustle to my pickup
A Quiet Coup in Fiji
John M. Edwards

Forced by the vagaries of an Around the World STA Ticket ($999.00) lands in Fiji during their first-ever military coup
Koh Commotion: Mister Friendly
John M Edwards

Off the coast of Thailand, John M. Edwards deems it a beautiful day for a ferry sinking, so grab an orange life saver and say your prayers
The Last
Kareena Maxwell

Yellow Jackets fly close to his face-one under his nose. I watch him swipe it hard with his bearish paw.

New Ball Game
James Campion

A Baseball Philosophy into Romney's
Mid-October Comeback

'Romney absolutely had to win that first debate due to his lackluster September'.
Spain Spins out of Control

James Skinner

Whilst Greece burns, Portugal sinks further into the quagmire, Ireland appears to be surviving and Italy is on the brink of joining the PIGS (short for the European countries in trouble) not to mention the remaining international chaotic arena, Spain is literally running wild.
JFK & Obama: Profound Likeness or simulacrum? - James Morford
Both Kennedy and Obama were nationally known yet relatively undistinguished junior senators. Both came to prominence at a preceding Democratic nominating convention...

The Hindsights of Cancer
Dean Borok

The doctor told me, “We’ll call you tomorrow about your blood results.”
Moving North

‘Never judge a dinner until you get the pudding,’ my Auntie used to say
Talk Hard
J.S. Wright
Every week, my body seems to require one sleepless night and last night, I filled that quota. Normally the cause is reflection on the events of the day, too much caffeine, or those asshole neighbors across the street...
Broken Car in Kreti
Melina Lake 

I can’t help but be pleased when Jorgos’ attempt to drive my rented Fiat onto his tow truck platform fails miserably
4x4 Tales
Danae Phelps

A new experience I had the other day was riding in the back of an open 4xPickup. Now I know that word doesn’t literally exist but I am known to fabricate new words so there.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Oswaldo Jimenez

Pay attention when I talk to you man! You must do exactly as I say! Exactly as I say! You hear me man? Do exactly as I say!
Dream #1: Caught between a nightmare and a dream
Danae Phelps

I opened my eyes and blinked in the thick, heavy mist of the room. I couldn’t tell if it was day or night

5 Honest Entrepreneurs
Norman A. Rubin

A long time ago in the Land of Finance along the Wall Street River near the border of the empire of the Stock Exchange there was a flood of worthless stocks and bonds that overwhelmed the land
Seoulite Commuters
Hannah Garrard

I followed the woman’s head nodding forward as she teetered on the brink of sleep 
My Cecily Infatuation 
Martin Green

I was 25 when I came to San Francisco from New York City, got a job as researcher in an ad agency, started going to parties and became infatuated with Cecile Thornton.
Wet Shower Floor
Tom Vinson

When I wake up at three I want to sit by the window and smoke a cigarette before I do anything else
A Boy called Terror
Chris Castle

“You know why we always get a free meal, here Jimmy?  Once a year on this day?”
Wassa Tea, Wassa Tea for Me
Norman A. Rubin

"A tea bag was almost a trigger to World War Three,” declared the Old Major as he addressed the old timers, nine in all, setting around the warm barrel stove in the center of Lem's Feed and Grain Store
Oswaldo Jimenez

Hi, sweetie, thank you for calling us, please have your credit card ready, and when you hear the sound of the tone, please press your seven digit card number; please don’t forget to include the expiration date, and your postal code.

Directed by Rian Johnson
with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.
'Terrific sci-fi thriller that delivers one hell of a punch'
The Hunting
by Sam Hawksmoor
Review by Tom D Harris

The sequel to 'The Repossession' is out.
Can Genie Magee survive?
We are currently reading:
The Ringtone & The Drum
by Mark Weston Out Now
Zero Books
The Reality of the Virtual
by Betsy Cheung
Pebbles Publications

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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