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Part one:
From Our Archives 2002


The Endless Celebration
Tabytha Towe
Never know when to stop
- it's that Vancouver Party Girl

You want to talk about spontaneous? Well let me tell you. Within the past two months I have made two very large, extremely spontaneous mistakes er...I mean decisions.

I am usually the kind of person to make last minute plans and just go with the flow, or the kind of person who wouldn’t think twice if someone asked me to go do something crazy with them, I think it makes things more interesting when you are on the spot and don’t know what to expect.

However, I am also very much the kind of person who if planning an event such as a party, I would have every, single last detail laid out to the "T"; or if I knew I was going somewhere after work say, I would allow myself to bring enough money to spend and make sure I had the appropriate attire to wear for the occasion. That just makes me sound like the average, practical Joe I suppose. But everyone has their moments to indulge in the fun (or to suffer the consequences) of spontaneity once in a while, while some would prefer it all the time and of course those who would rather be responsible for every action.I believe that everyone needs a balance between spontaneity and responsibility to healthily ‘sustain’ an interesting life. To give you an example, back in July I had figured I would take the chance with something that would be a part of me forever….and is now stuck with me for the rest of my life. Although I have thought about this particular idea for years and years now, I never had the balls to do it, nor the funds to do so either. At last, one day, I suddenly had the urge to pick up the phone and make an appointment. Come the next day there was no turning back, so I had to go through with it. I was more than excited. The worst circumstance of the whole situation is trying to choose which it is you want and at least try to imagine what you can live with, again I say forever. Prior to the appointment I had already decided on what I would go for, but that was only a week in advance. Alright so my decision didn’t change within a week at least, want a hint!?

Although I really could not afford it when I had other debts to pay - but who cares, there are priorites right and debts are another story. Anyhow, I’m sitting and waiting and anticipating for about three hours (past my scheduled time of course) growing more and more ancy and having second thoughts after 3 hours of contemplation. Although, being as stubborn as I am as you well know, I completely ignored my doubts. As ever. I don’t back out when it comes to big decisions such as this.

Finally, 3 hours after of all that long awaiting I then had yet another 3 hours of ‘alteration’ to go through next.- 3 hours of buzzing and pinching needles too, (however still better than the waiting part.)
My tatto artist was an occasional acquaintance of mine, someone I have seen around, so it made it pretty comfortable first off. But that also meant he was a little safer to press me as well. You see, I played the tough girl act, as if 30 needles piercing through my skin didn’t hurt, so he therefore tried to test me by digging harder. The more I refused to budge or even slightly whimper, the more he was determined to break me. In the end we basically congratulated each other and I thanked him for not fucking up my body (entirely.) Apparently he was disappointed that I did not cry, I was just relieved that I held it in.

Today, two months later, I have a beautiful, nude fairy -with big boobs no less- sitting crossed legged at the base of my spine.

All in all, the total of six hours, of what you would fairly consider agony, it still remains worth it after five years of considering a tattoo in the first place. To those of you who are also wanting a tattoo and are concerned about the ink- application-to-virgin-skin process, you needn’t be worried. To be honest it kind of felt good in that bizarre, painful kind of feeling good way. Then again I am also just a bizarre creature and quite enjoy some measures of pain. The aftermath was for the worse, I couldn’t handle that as much. The healing stage, the constant itching, oooh that was a major downer. I plan to get another one (or two) soon in actual fact. Little ones this time round. As long as I don’t get fat and my fairy then looks stretched and weathered, I will be happy with my decision.
(OK where's the pictures Tab? Show us- Ed)

Part two:
Despite the tattoo act being a life time committment, this recent act of being spontaneous is way over my budget. It seems that the thought had crossed my mind one day and by the next it just happened….I bought another car! Compared to my current car, in which I still need to sell to help pay off half of my new car, it’s quite a beauty. An ‘89 Nissan Pulsar from an ‘86 Honda Civic hatchback, hmmmm? The Nissan is sporty and blatently red, almost a little too flashy for my taste, plus I’ll have the cops on my ass every hour now because it is attractive. At least it does run well. Anything that runs without breaking down or backfiring or that isn’t suicide to drive in the rain is better than my Honda. Although, I do miss it a tiny bit already. It has been adventuring with me since the beginning. It was my means of escape and freedom for two years. Ah, but I won’t be shedding any tears (unless no one wants to buy it,) besides, my new car has a T-bar roof!
I basically got myself tattooed and purchased myself a new vehicle stupidly and spontaneously, but so far I am glad that I did.

Part three:
Birthdays come but once a year.
Do you remember Chuck? (My latest beau as stated in the previous article.)
Well it was his 25th birthday the other night, for 3 nights in a row, and it is still not over. You know what they say when you turn 25; there’s only 5 more years till you’re 30!! Throughout the 3 nights and 4 days of abuse there was myself, Chuck and our friend Horty we’ll call him. We were the consistent trio remaining un-sober.

The first night we went to none other than a strip club, just an absolute gong show. The second night us three plus another few -just me and the boys- had a bonfire on the beach until all hours of the morning, having a great time hearing otters sneezing and (what my drunk friends thought were) whales splashing --right by a boating harbor for Christs sakes.

To ruin the fun, later on that morning I get a speeding ticket ($200) and my license suspended for 24 hours. That killed the evening. Good thing I bought a faster car after all!? I know I should be more regretful for speeding instead of resentful to the fact I got busted, but there was no one on the road except for the pig cop who was speeding along beside me to get to the donut shop. If it wasn’t on our way we would have never been caught. Oh that made me furious! They are getting free coffee on the clock while people out there are getting raped or mugged or Lord only knows what. I won’t even get in to that issue.

Poor Chuck was trying to give me the watch I got him for his birthday to pay off the ticket, silly boy.
To start the third night off, hung over still from the first night and in between still making it through work without puking and this time without driving my car, our happy threesome joined up with another threesome for more play. We headed to a club at 1:30 am dancing to Latino music, or at least shaking our bootys pretending we knew how to salsa. Nonetheless we ended up at a beach at 3 am singing Van Morrison with the homeless and a $60 case of beer. (The price doubles past the legal liquor sales.) At some point we all got an article of clothing ripped off. If oneperson was de-panted than the next had their tits flashed. Needless to say we left with half the beach stuck in our bums.

Hence it being Chucks birthday and receiving the rough treatment, he soon figured that 25 meant he was too old to last the all nighters anymore and passed out on a log. I have to admit though, those three nights took quite a toll on my body too and I haven’t even hit my twenties!?
And there is still another party coming up.!
What he doesn’t know he is in for… I have a huge surprise for him yet!
(Hopefully he can keep up.)
Till next time,
Take it easy.
© Tabytha – Vancouver’s Party Girl - September 2002

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